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Palm Springs, Yuma and Tucson


Edible Barrel Cactus Fruit -- Tastes Like Kiwi

Petroglyph on King Canyon Trail

Along the trail to Mt Wasson

Mt Wasson Hike Carpet of Poppies

Mt Wasson Hike Wildflowers

Mt Wasson Hike Less Traveled Trail

Looking East at Sunset From Gilbert Ray Campground

Wandrin Wagon at Gilbert Ray CG

Lone Poppy

True Desert Codgers

Lots of room at Pinal County Park

Alley Entrance in downtown Yuma

Railway travel provided business for this hotel

Sunset in Yuma

Desert Landscaping -- Tina and Ron in Yuma

Flowers Decorate The Desert Sands


Palm Springs TTN Park Sunset

Cactus Flower

Palm Log Construction at Coachella Preserve

Date Festival Parade -- Indio

Ostrich Races at Date Festival

Ostrich Race at Date Festival

Date Festival Midway

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