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About Me

A long time ago I was raised on a farm about 18 miles south of Green Bay, Wisconsin near the little village of Morrison. In fact, my ancestors settled there after coming from Germany in the middle of the 1800s. (Head to the genealogy section to learn more.) 

From the small village of Morrison, I continued school until I graduated from the University of Wisconsin, married and headed to California.  After a few years of California living, Denver was the destination when California became to crowded for this farm boy.  

After graduation from college, my entire working career was in computers from programming to technical sales. 

I married Eileen Kriewaldt after graduation from the University of Wisconsin. We had two children: TJ and Vanita.  Eileen and I divorced.

To achieve balance in my life and attempt to meet my life philosophy, I retired in 2000 so that I could indulge my passion for hiking, travel and learning.  With a truck towing a fifth wheel trailer, I will tour North America until I tire of the travel or I am physically unable to continue. I am looking forward to the journey with no particular agenda or destination. Adventure calls and there are a lot of places that are waiting for me to explore.