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Photo Album of Treichel Ancestors

(Click on the picture for large view)

Carl Treichel emigrated from Germany in 1852.
Since I have been unable to locate a picture of him, 
his signature is included.  This signature is
from his naturalization papers of 1864.

He had several children.

The picture (circa 1924 left to right) is August, 
probably a sister, and Herman.  The sister 
is either Wilhelmine (Lisch) or Emilie (Boeder).

August's Family
circa 1898

Herman's Family
circa 1924

Included in that group is Reinhard who marries Josephine Lemke

Included in that group is William who marries Matilda Wiedenhoeft


Reinhard and Josephine have three daughters
William and Matilda have three children

Their daughters circa 1934:
Mabel, Lyla, Irene

Circa 1936
Standing: Norbert, Tillie, Earl
Seated: William, Matilda

Second cousins marry...

Earl Treichel
Irene Treichel
January 31, 1937