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Personal Philosophy

A personal philosophy is not static.  It will change as there are new experiences that affect my life and I will continue to shape that philosophy to meet life’s demands.  No doubt that philosophy is tested daily and accordingly, it changes daily.   The best word to describe my philosophy is that I try to “keep balance” in my life.  In this philosophical discussion with an acquaintance in Maui, Hawaii, he penned the following piece.

Pono On My Mind

    By: John (JJ) Jasinski

Pono is balance.
Pono is righteousness.
Pono is where the creator rests.
In the form of the creator am I.
Too, I rest in pono.
I call to you to rest with me there.
Give way to balance.
Healing light.
The two are one.
Do not let the lacking in one
Cause you to disregard the power in the other.
Without male
there is no female.
Without female
there is no male.
No light without darkness.
No day without night.
No pain without pleasure.
Pono is my right.
Live life.
Love life.
Live love.
This I have.
This you have.
Find it.

JJ describes the essence of the philosophy, but it is that and more.  No doubt I came to this philosophy over years of personal growth.  Keeping the balance recognizes the dualism in most of life’s existence and decisions and tries to balance that dualism.  In any one moment I may violate my philosophy, but I try to return the balance of my life to a neutral position.

Keeping the balance also applies to the job, eating, exercise, or any other individual’s activity.  Slavish devotion to a job is not a balanced life.  Overeating and avoiding particular foods is not balance.  Devotion to the body beautiful is not balance.  Having the greenest and a manicured lawn is not balance.  Having a house completely clean at all times is not balance.

I believe that the most out of balance part of the society is US business.  As an example of this “out of balance”, most employees work for companies that allow them two weeks’ vacation each year.  And that is after you have worked for a year.  After working for the company for ten years, the employee may have gotten as many as four weeks per year.  This is not balance.  Balance includes the enjoyment of life as well as the earning of a living.

“Keeping the Balance” is important in all areas of life.  In JJ’s poem, he states, “Live Life, Love Life, Live Love”.  When I follow those ideals, my life is in balance.


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