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My genealogical search started late -- too late. When I became interested in tracking my ancestors, most had already died. From the few that were alive, I was inspired to get behind the stories. However, the stories were gone and taken to the grave. The attics containing old photographs had already been rummaged and the materials were consigned to the garbage. 

Genealogical research is one giant puzzle. Finding one piece of information only leads to another and many times it leads to a dead end. I have several of those. It is my hope that these pages will bring forth new material for my searches as well as provide material for other genealogists.

What I have accomplished is minimal. Much credit can be given to others who have researched information before me. Including material that I was able to add to the data base, contributors to my data base include:

Karen Treichel 
Paula Griepentrog
Walter Treichel
Donald Kratz
Carol Greenslade
Dean Roepke 

Creative non-fiction... Several years ago, I wrote a piece of creative non-fiction about my Treichel surnamed ancestors. There is factual material, but additional material is included describing what their lives may have been like. That additional material was from first person accounts of other people who did live at those times. Click on the icon to read the story. 

Carl Treichel Descendants... To see the first couple of generations of Carl Treichel, click the icon. I stopped at two generations since many of the next generation are still alive -- although most are now in their 70s and upward. In a future update, I will include the next generation without identifying the living with names. 

My ancestors... My ancestral surnames include others in addition to Treichel. Click on the


appropriate icon to see them on my father's or mother's side. Since my father and mother were second cousins, some of the same names appear in both. Since those views are graphics, internet search engines are not be able to index the names. Because of that, a third alternative exists containing a list of my ancestral names.

To put faces to names, click the icon for a photo album of some ancestors.