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Dateline:  July 10, 2002 -- Loveland, Colorado

This column is written after a stay in the Denver area for a little over two months.  During that time, I did very little sight seeing in the area, since I have done most of that in the past.  So this short column is "wonderings" instead of "wanderings".

Commencement programs ... Fortunately, I attend these infrequently.  When I attended a graduation program for CU's nursing program, I remembered why.  The two hour program included far too many speakers who thought that someone was actually listening -- let alone remembered anything they said.  The only speaker that anyone remembered was the speaker who had lots of humor.  If I am ever asked to speak for a commencement program, I will remember to include lots of humor.

"New Life Collision Center" .... was spotted on a business in Pueblo, Colorado.  Could this be an evangelical approach to putting the bent up car back on the road?

New RV Shopping ... and I found this unit in pristine condition.  I spotted it as I drove along in east Boulder.


Douglas County ... is the fastest growing county in the country.  On a Douglas County sign, white tape was placed on the "C" of County to make it look like the Pac-Man chomper from the computer game.  That was definitely the best editorial comment on what is happening to the county. 

No Trespassing Without Permission ... was sign that I had spotted.  Even if you have permission, it would appear that you are still trespassing.  A lawyer would have a field day with that one...

Market ups and downs ... Actually mostly the market is down and that is scary considering that I was planning on living off of those investments.  I may have to find a part time job to supplement my income.

Another milestone ... is on the horizon.  I will turn 62 the end of this month.  So I applied for social security benefits to begin.  That should help the problem just stated above.  

Medical and dental ... The dental hygienist was one of my visits while in Denver.  Once you have a good one, you don't want to go looking for a new one.  Dr. Frank (the dentist) looked over my collection of crowns and declared them good.

My doctor declared that I was in excellent health.  However, he didn't like my cholesterol readings so I take 5 mg. ZOCOR to keep the numbers down.  

Speaking of health ...  insurance.  The COBRA that I had when I retired from StorageTek expired after 18 months, so I had to get an individual policy.  Insurance companies do not like to write health policies for people who travel full time.  Fortunately, Fortis Insurance is one that does and I selected a traditional policy with a $10,000 deductible.  Actually, health insurance has nothing to do with health and everything to do with estate protection.

Hiking ... Several different friends accompanied me on several hikes that I did while in Colorado.  Donna and Roy Pyle were my most frequent hiking partners.  It was dry and considering the time of year that we hiked, we crossed very little snow.  On one of those hikes I took some pictures of Greenback Cutthroat trout in a clear mountain stream.  

No snow ... means that it is very dry in Colorado.  The fires that were lightening strikes or human arson had a good opportunity to spread into huge fires that colored the sky a yellow color for several weeks.  There was one day that there was wood ash covering the truck.  

Colorado Highways ... When compared to adjoining states' road maintenance, Colorado does not fare well.  That may not be noticeable on the freeways, but it is unmistakable on the secondary roads when entering Colorado.  Crossing the border from an adjoining state, Colorado's roads are rough, narrow and appear as though the State Transportation Department has forgotten these roads. 

Executive tans ... What is that?  If that sells, could there be a business selling "farmer tans"?  To get a farmer tan, you lie on the tanning bed with all your clothes on except for your sleeves rolled up and a towel draped across your forehead. 

Traffic signals ... are there to control traffic.  Suppose that you are waiting for the red light at an intersection at five in the morning and there is no traffic.  After a minute of this, would you look every which direction to ensure there was no traffic and then proceed?  Why not?  The lights are there for traffic control and there was no traffic. 

Spotted this ... on a church marquee: "You're only young once -- you can be immature forever."

Former co-workers and friends ... managed to fill many a lunch or dinner times.  Those were good times to reminisce about the present as well as the past.  They were also good times to realize that I really do enjoy retirement.

Cinnamon Roll Search ... Nothing new to report for cinnamon rolls.  Actually, I didn't really look that hard.

When I start traveling the roads and going through the small towns, I anticipate that I will have better luck.

Latest Read ... I just finished another of Colin Thubron's travel books.  "In Siberia" he travels solo through unknown parts of vast and sometimes beautiful land visiting many along the way.  His conversations with these contacts provide an understanding of how these (mostly poor) people feel about living in their country.

Vanity Plates ...   
NNN2BYY was spotted at an RV park with Nevada plates.  I had "... to be wise", but until I met the owner, I had run out of possibilities.  He said that I should think of another variation of "three".  Even though I do lots of crossword puzzles, I still could not make it work.  Fortunately, the gentleman helped me out -- "Tryin' to be wise".

YIPYKIO was spotted on a Honda with an Appaloosa sticker on a window.