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Dateline:  September 24, 2002 -- Watertown, Wisconsin

It has been almost two months since I arrived in Wisconsin and enjoyed the month of August and September.  It was hot, muggy and "green" when I arrived.  Here in late September, the mature colors of fall are beginning to appear on much of the landscape.  There is a threat of frost many evenings.  Time to move south.

Journey down Memory Lane ... That is the best way to describe my two month stay near Green Bay.  In this column a few of the stops are mentioned.

Booyah ... When I was a kid, this "chicken soup" creation was the main draw for many fund raisers for the churches, fire departments and local festivals.  The tradition continues....  I had a bowl at the Saint Peter and Paul parish picnic.  Booyah is primarily chicken with lots of variations in preparation and ingredients.  If you really want to have an idea of the content and variation, go to the Internet and search for "booyah and recipe". ... I like mine a little on the greasy side ... including the chicken bones.  

Visit to my child hood home...  My sister, Lois, and I made a tour of the rural area around the village of Morrison. As we drove by the farm where we grew up, I decided that it seemed a good time to stop for a tour of the house. ... Thanks to Mark Lemke for graciously allowing us this visit.  The original woodwork is still intact for this 1912 constructed home.  The pocket doors between dining room and living room are still operational. ... As kids, these were elevator doors when we played "make believe".  

A side note ... There was no sign in front of the house identifying it as the "Boyhood Home of Lloyd Treichel".  

Grain harvesting in the old days ... was demonstrated at a Vandenbroek (near Kaukauna) township celebration.  There was the traditional grain reaper pulled by a team of horses.  The threshing machine was also demonstrated.  To show what it is like today, a grain combine took a couple of 20 foot swaths of the oat field. 

Wayside Rough Riders... was a local group of like minded horse people founded about 1960.  I had a horse as a teenager and so I was part of that for a short time.  Wayside is another village in the Morrison township and is the site for their annual fund raiser.  This is a joint effort with the Way-Morr Lions Club who serve the barbequed chicken.  

The nature of the horse show has changed a lot in 40 years.  I watched the events with lots of nostalgia. 

Friday Night Fish Fries ... When in Wisconsin, the Friday night menu is fish for any tavern that serves food.  Guess what I did every Friday evening.  Yup!  I found a different tavern every Friday. 

Other thoughts and observations ...  

Mobil Amoco Marathon and Phillips were all emblazoned on the rear of a fuel truck tanker.  Is there a difference in gasoline?  Price and advertising?

Some men should not go around without a T-shirt.  Do these people know what they look like? 

Then there was the man in front of me in the grocery store in a tank top and shorts with tattoos covering most of his body.  The main theme appeared to be skulls spewing skulls.  No roses or a tribute to Mom on this guy!  ... As interesting as the tattoos may have been, watching the people looking at him was just as fascinating.  How do you look without looking?  

In Wisconsin, coffee shops are not on every corner like most of the western and southwestern states.... But there are a lot of taverns.

The newly remodeled Lambeau field where the Packers play in Green Bay has not been renamed, but they sold naming rights to the gates.  I like that solution.

Dumbing down of education... The building where I attended the University of Wisconsin -- Green Bay Extension back in 1962 is now Sullivan Elementary School.  

University of Wisconsin - Madison ... is where I was able to get my degree many years ago.  A tour of the Wisconsin State capitol building was followed by a walk down State Street to the campus.  I walked across the campus to the places I had lived on Lathrop and North Brooks.  The Lathrop building still exists.  I don't think the Brooks building still exists, but I am not sure what the address was.  Was it the second building from the corner -- or was it the third?  

Clever saloon names ... You have seen them.  

Sumuther Place was spotted west of Two Rivers ... like in "Let's go to..." 

DeGreefs in Wayside is a little bar for Friday night fish fry.  With a name like that, the inevitable drawing line is: "DeGreef stops here".

Spotted Scot's and Water's in Shawano.  Even a clever name is no guarantee of success.  This place was closed and up for sale.

Cemetery Epitaph ... At the Lawrence Township Cemetery in Brown County, Wisconsin, this epitaph was on Margaret Phillips' marker.  She died in 1900 at 76 years of age.  

Stop stranger. Stop as you pass by.
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, soon you shall be.
Prepare for death, and follow me.

The epitaph could have been ignored if it were not for this retort crudely etched in the stone base of the marker:

To follow you I would not be content
Until I knew which way you went.

On another stone was this epitaph:

I wish I was looking down reading this.

Life Gems --  Rather than putting the deceased remains into the ground, a Chicago company will turn the ashes into a diamond which you can wear.  The ashes are transformed into graphite which is pressed into a diamond and faceted into a design of your choice.  Note: Prices begin at $5000.... I always knew diamonds were nothing but dust.

Hiking ... I am still out of shape.  I will say no more!

Cinnamon Roll Search ... Last year, I had stopped at a bakery in Shawano where I had a good roll.  It must have been an inflationary year; the roll is twice the size it was last year.  Whatever happened to snack size cinnamon rolls?

Stadium Bakery in Green Bay still has the best cinnamon rolls around.  

Another good one was found Doepker's Bakery in Seymour.

I haven't given up on this search.  

Thanks to all ... the wonderful people with whom I was able to share some time.  Thanks to Vonnie and Emil, Marilyn and Jerry, Shirley and Ken, Wendy and Joe, Audrey and Cliff, Debbie and Mike, Carol and Russ, Amy and Todd, Mary and John, Lois, and Aunt Lyla.  ... and an extra Special Thank You to Jo Ann and Donnie.

Latest Read ... "Grant - A Biography" by William S. McFeely.  There were many times that I found it a difficult read.  It was well researched but sometimes the detail was a bit overwhelming.  Grant was a failure in life until he led many soldiers to bloody victories in the Civil War.  This popularity catapulted him into the office of President.  A failure in most of his life, he was not any better as President.  

Vanity plates...

MYOWTOH phonetic spelling.  Some thought it was "hot woman" when read backwards.

RUMAGER -- Garage sale stopper?

N8TVLUV -- On a shiny dark green pickup truck.  "Native love".  Rest of the story??

And another where I would like to know the rest of the story... KG O HRTS on a late model black Cadillac.