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Dateline: August 27, 2003 -- Green Bay, Wisconsin

Last month's update was from Jackson, Michigan.  From there I headed north to Mackinac Island and after a few stops along the way, I ended up in Green Bay for a month long stay.  When I leave here tomorrow, I will head to Junction City, Kansas to pick up Wandrin Wagon Junior.  

While I was parked in Jackson, I drove to Dearborn, Michigan to see the...

Henry Ford Museum ... and Greenfield Village.  There was too much in the museum to view in a single day.  One of  the many exhibits was "Made in America" which can best be described as a history of manufacturing.  Another major exhibit is a history of transportation from the bicycle to the skies.

Since 2003 is a celebratory year in Ford history, the parking lot was filled with vintage autos which had traveled from all over the country to help Ford celebrate the event.

Greenfield Village is a collection of historic homes from the around the USA -- including Edison's lab.  Since stone construction is a favorite of mine, a high spot of the Village was a home constructed in Cotswold, England which was later dismantled and reconstructed at the Village.  

Mackinac Island ...  The modes of transportation are  bicycles or horses.  Fortunately, the smells of fudge mask that other odor.  

The Island's main draw is the Grand Hotel.  This is the only five star hotel in the US with no valet service.  For the non-guest to see the inside of the hotel or the grounds, I handed over the $10 to take pictures and tour the gardens.  Later I found out that I could have walked past the Hotel, made a left and make two more lefts to enter the hotel complex from the backside without charge.

Mackinac Island was the scene for some medical studies in the mid 1800s.  Dr. William Beaumont conducted and wrote extensively on experiments of stomach digestion.  These studies were done on Alexis St. Martin who experienced a gunshot wound in his stomach which did not heal over.  The wound apparently did no great harm to St. Martin; he married and fathered 17 children before he died at the age of 76.

Michilimackinac ... was a fort originally constructed by the French fur traders in 1715.  Now as a reconstructed village, it is a state park at Mackinaw City, Michigan.  With historic interpretations, exhibits and demonstrations, life of 300 years ago becomes real.

Green Bay stay... Much of the stay in Green Bay area was eating and socializing with friends and family.  Sometimes that included the Friday night fish fries. Every Friday evening during the month, I checked out a different saloon and their fish fry.  

There was a great bowl of chicken booyah at St. Agnes in Green Bay.  With bones and skin, it was just like 40 years ago .  After you were through eating the booyah, there was that slight taste of chicken fat lingering on the taste buds. ...  Perhaps that didn't sound real appetizing. 

After all that eating, I have managed to put on a few pounds.  Perhaps if I would take walks once in a while....

So what was there to do on those days when I wasn't eating.  There were genealogical loose ends to be searched at numerous sources around the county.  That did include a few visits to cemeteries.  That was very little exercise.  

Green Bay would not be complete without a mention of the Packers.  The fan spirit is alive throughout the area.  Green and gold color schemes abound including the McDonalds near Lambeau Field.  The Packers Pro Shop was packed with people buying Packer logo items.  There was much to choose from besides the usual clothing items.  However,  I couldn't find anything I wanted bad enough to part with the money.

Fifteen minutes of fame .... In reality, the fame was a lot less -- seconds.  A photo of Mt. Hood that I captured in October of 2001 shares cover space with another photo on the front cover of an Oregon State University publication entitled "Oregon's Promise -- An Interpretive History" by David Peterson del Mar.  

I blame it all on Sara.  I was hiking on a trail near Mt. Hood when a dog (name of Sara) was following me up the trail.  My active imagination saw a coyote following me into a trap with its brethren where I was going to be the main course for their dinner.  Having been deterred from that trail, I headed to another trail where I was able to get the photo that graces the cover of OSU's publication.  Thank you Sara.

Small world category ... When I stopped at a Michigan visitor's center, former StorageTek co-worker Jim Montgomery happened to be there at the same time.  

As I drove down the road, I wonder how many of such chance meetings with past acquaintances are missed by minutes.  

Geocaching ... and Hiking.... The little exercise I did was a few bicycle rides down the Fox River Trail.  I was determined to find a cache hidden along the trail.  However, when the GPS pointed off the trail into the brush, down the hill into a mosquito infested swamp and standing water below the bridge, I decided that it was one cache I would pass.  

Trivial Pursuit ... How many eyes in a deck of 52 cards?  (Answer below.)  One of the many times Donnie and I played the game, this question came up.  We had to get a deck of cards to assure ourselves of the answer. 

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  Great cinnamon rolls can still be found at the Stadium Bakery in Green Bay and at Seymour's Doepker's Bakery.  Both are snack sized with good balance.  Not to complain, but they would be even better with raisins.

Monday is a good day to diet; bakeries are closed. 

Latest Read ...  Among the several that I read, these two stand out: 

Seabiscuit by Laura Hillebrand.  This page turner is a well told story of the race horse Seabiscuit provides the history of Thoroughbred horse racing and the people who populated that world.  Although the movie will probably miss much of the detail, this is one movie that I will see.  

Take Me With You by Brad Newsham is the author's story of his 100 day journey to find someone to invite to the United States so Newsham could share his country with another from a foreign land.  

Just wondering ...  Manufacture of legal drugs is a very profitable business.  Distribution of illegal drugs is very profitable.  Hmmm.

Observations ...   "If we are closed, slip your money under the door." was spotted on the door of a tourist stop in Mackinaw City.  

KFC advertised "BONELESS WINGS".  As I recall there isn't that much meat on a wing.  How do you you get the bone out? 

Spotted the Fifth Third Bank in Jackson, MI.  I've seen lots of First Banks, but I am not sure I have ever seen a Second bank let alone a Third bank.  Now there is the Fifth Third Bank.  Perhaps it started as some kind of joke.

SOME PLACE ELSE -- Name of a bar.

Ego Plates ....

2XX 1XY -- On a van. Two females, one male? 

FOUNDIT --  Don't know what was found.

DUCKTPE -- Color of the little economy car was gray.

TPLESS -- On a convertible.

ON WIS 64 -- On an older sedan.  Graduates of Wisconsin in '64? Grandson football player who wears the number "64"?  They live on Wisconsin state highway 64?

Words ... On a Peterbilt truck:

Women leave you,
Bosses fire you,
People forget you,
Trucks are forever.

Trivial Pursuit Answer... Forty-two.

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