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Dateline: October 28, 2003 -- San Antonio, Texas

Rocky Mountain National Park ... was the next stop after the last column.  While in the park I had the opportunity to see the elk and hear the bugling as well as the evening cries of the coyote.  It was a great place to view a sky filled with stars and the only sounds at night were the bugling elk and the yips of coyote .  

One morning I awoke to see several cow elk right in the camp site.  Since it was a cold morning of 32 degrees, I donned clothes and shoes and headed out with the camera.  The harem of cows munched grass while the bull elk watched to make sure that none of the cows would wander too far.

The wedding... It was a beautiful and sunny Colorado day in Estes Park for a wedding.  TJ and Krista were married September 27 at a lodge followed by a reception.  The happy couple posed for numerous pictures on the deck of the lodge where the ceremony had taken place.

Chatfield State Park ... near Denver was the next stop for a few more days before heading to Junction City, Kansas to pick up the new Wandrin Wagon.  Along the way I stopped at the...

Fick Fossil Museum ... is located just off I-70 in the small town of Oakley, Kansas.  A large portion of the Museum collections are the fossils that were found throughout Western Kansas. Another major part of the museum collections is the folk art of Vi Fick. In addition to beautiful wood carvings, her art pieces incorporate fossil vertebrae and fossil shark teeth to provide texture and a third dimension to her art pieces.  

The new Wandrin Wagon ... was ready this time.  After a few days of moving all my stuff into the new rig and staying around a few days to get details fixed or remedied, I was once again on the road.  Go to the VIRTUAL TOUR to see Wandrin Wagon Junior.  The "Junior" will be dropped in future references.  

Tom Mix Museum .... Tom Mix was a western movie star until his death in 1940. Just as I crossed the border from Kansas to Oklahoma on US 75 is the town of Dewey where the Museum is located.  

I had last traveled this way in the spring of 2002 and at that time the museum was closed after there had been a burglary.  The burgled items were guns that were in the Tom Mix collection.  The museum presents the actor's life and many of the "props" of his career. Instead of the guns, the display includes  pictures of the missing guns.    

Price Tower ... For those who visit the many Frank Lloyd Wright structures, the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma is a definite stop. A very knowledgeable guide gave tours of the Price Tower Art Center.  It was completed in 1956 as the Price Tower for the H. C. Price Oil Co. and consisted of offices, apartments and retail space. In 1992 the Phillips Oil Company was the owner that gave the Price Tower to the City of Bartlesville as an Art Center and the Tower continues its life as a museum, an inn and a restaurant.  

Hiking... While parked in Rocky Mountain National Park, I went on several hikes.  One hike was to Cub Lake where this was the scene.

Cell Phones... 
AT&T cancelled my cell phone.  The problems began when I made a change to my cell phone plan.  That was when AT&T's computers discovered that my address was in South Dakota.  They sent a notice telling me they were going to cancel my service.  Of course since I only get my mail once every four weeks, I received the notice with six days to spare.

I called AT&T to plead my case.  Once they found out that I never lived anywhere and just roamed the country, there was no way I could have one of their cell phones.  To have one of their cell phones you had to have a permanent address.  Hey guys!!  South Dakota is my permanent address!

I guess I was wrong when I thought that the object of the cell phone was to be mobile and not tied to a land line at a permanent address.

Their solution was that my son take financial responsibility for my phone and then I could continue to keep my phone.  Of course my son would have to prove that he really lived in an AT&T service area -- utility bill copies, etc.  

What's the problem?  I've been paying my bills.  

How about I change my address to Denver.  No way!! I still wasn't living in the Denver area and making my phone calls from there.  There was the possibility that most of the calls were roaming -- which they weren't.  

I seemed to keep forgetting that I did not have a permanent address (AT&T's conclusion) and a homeless person is financially irresponsible and cannot have a cell phone. 

The solution....  I hung up on AT&T.... Two weeks later I purchased a Verizon cell phone service.  I made sure that there wasn't going to be a problem with a South Dakota address.  There wasn't.  

The only negative after all that is that my phone number has a San Antonio, TX area code -- since that is where I was when I bought the cell phone.  Oh well...  It is just a number...  

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  I have not been as diligent in the search, but I happened on the Red Door Bakery in Bandera, TX which had a great cinnamon roll.  They only had been in business for a week.  So get out there and give them some business so they are there next year when I pass through.  

Ego Plates ....

SUPRDAD -- on an SUV.  I hope there was a companion car at home that with the ego plate "SUPRMOM". 

ITSPRPL -- on an SUV with a paint job that may be called purple.

TXLEXUS -- on GMC Suburban.

MIST CHF -- on PT cruiser.  Mister Chef or Mischief?

Bumper sticker...  "It's all about ME" on an old pickup truck driven by a young blond.

Observations....  On a water tower in Florence, Kansas: "99.96% Pure Spring Water".  What was the other 0.04% of the water?  

Teenager playing alto sax for tips at any intersection in Longmont, Colorado.

Just Wondering... Do you speed up when you see the sign "End fines doubled for speeding"?

Latest Read ...  Some recent reads:

A History of the American People by Paul Johnson.  Through a review of 400 years of immigration, entrepreneurship, culture, politics and religion, the author describes how American history progressed to the federal, state and local governments in the United States.  It is a great and well researched historical perspective from one author's point of view.

As a diversion from my usual non-fiction fare I read That Old Ace in the Hole by Annie Proulx.  A well told story of the Texas panhandle history and the people that struggle with their place.

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