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Dateline: April 15, 2004 -- Sedona, Arizona

Yup...  Another column is datelined Arizona.  Tomorrow I am headed east to San Antonio, TX for a short stay.  Following that I will head to Colorado for about three weeks.  However, plans are made in Jell-O: lots of jiggle and a tendency to melt.

Since the last update, I have done little.  The time could be described as loafing.

Bird Banding.... At this time of year, the "bird watchers" are a large group of people in southern Arizona.  One day I joined them at the San Pedro River near Sierra Vista.  After stringing nets among the trees, birds are collected from the nets and brought to a bander.  The "professional bander" examined, recorded and banded about 100 birds representing seven species. Most of the birds were either Finches or White Crowned Sparrows.  

Baseball... Cactus League Baseball was in progress while in Tucson.  I took a day out of my busy schedule so Walt and I could attend a game between the Diamondbacks and the White Sox.  Since we were rooting for the Diamondbacks, they lost.  

Repellent ... is what most people thought about the rappelling written in my previous column.  I did it again with Walt Pratt and Scott LeGear in Tucson at Snyder Hill.  Once again, it was a thrill.  

Hiking ... Since the last update, there have been numerous hikes: Chiricahuas, Saguaro Nat'l Park, Superstition Mountains, Sedona area among others.  Saw lots of wildlife including a couple of Mojave Rattlesnakes. 

Nothing to do with snakes, but after one hike I noticed my hiking shoes were falling apart.  Since they were less than two years old and I had purchased them at REI, I headed to an REI store and they gave me credit toward a new pair of boots.  That was great, but after two hikes the new boots are falling apart.  For the amount of money they should have lasted for more than two hikes.  The next stop may be to check out hiking boots at Wal-Mart for $20 a pair.  It couldn't be any worse.  

I still long for the pair of hiking boots that I had to retire after numerous sole replacements and repairs to the uppers.  Eventually, the uppers could be no longer repaired and I had to retire them.  That was several years ago and since then I have been trying to find a hiking shoe that matched the quality and fit.  

Photos... selected for no particular reason: Chiricahua Mountains, Looking from Indian Ruins in Boynton Canyon, Weaver's Needle, Sycamore Canyon and two from Usery Park.



Observation...  With seven months to the election, I am amazed at the number of presidential campaign ads on TV.  More notably it is hard to tell one ad from the other.  Each describes a future with peace, lower taxes, more jobs and improved health care.  However, there are no plans which describe how that can be done.  

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  

No cinnamon roll's to report, but...

Stout's Cider Mill in Willcox, AZ is a bakery -- of apple pies.  Huge apple pies is the only way to describe the result.  Ten pounds of apples goes into one of their specialties. I had a piece of their Dutch Apple pie with ice cream.  A "piece" is huge. I made a meal out of that one.

Since we are on the subject of food.  Jeff and Ann invited me over for a delicious chicken from the BBQ rotisserie made with fresh herbs from Jeff's garden. Delicious!

On Easter Sunday I was boon docked overlooking the Verde Valley.  That is where Handlebar Jim (Hoerst) prepared and served a prime rib dinner for nine.  Superb! 

Vanity Plates .... 

LIVNLIF -- On a red pickup.

DOGYLVR -- and a dog in the back seat.

WSH2FSH -- On an older pickup.

MEMREEZ -- On a pickup.

Bumper Sticker...

Somewhere in Texas there is a village missing its idiot.

Recent Read...   Wallace Stegner's "Beyond the Hundredth Meridian".  The first half of the book is an adventure story of John Wesley Powell's life in the Western U.S. including the running the Colorado River in 1869.  I found the second half of the book more difficult to read as Stegner told the story of Powell's years in Washington D.C. As Powell attempts to convince the politicos that the arid Western US is different from the East, the details of the fighting, back stabbing and the daily D.C. soap opera began to sound like today's headlines.   

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