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Dateline: May 20, 2004 -- Denver, Colorado

Spring time in Denver....  When I arrived on May 5th, the temperature was 90 degrees.  One week later it was snowy and cold with a high for the day in the mid 40s.  That is spring in Denver.  

From Arizona I detoured through Texas and on the way here are some of the stops

Int'l UFO Museum & Research Center ... is located in Roswell, NM. After touring the museum, I came away believing that perhaps something may have happened there.  However, if there are secrets, how is it so many people can keep a secret for over fifty years.  

Commemorative Air Force  WWII Museum.... is in Midland Texas. Located in the same complex with the American Airpower Heritage museum it has collections of World War II artifacts, memorabilia and a gallery containing aviation nose art.  This salvaged art is restored and displayed along with pictures of the crew, descriptions of the subject material for the art and the artist.  

Fredericksburg, TX... is where the New Horizons Owners Group Rally was held this year.  This town is a bad place for a guy who searches for bakeries there are five in town.  After the week I was there, it was time to wean myself from that morning bakery fix.  

Texas is a great place to be in spring time with road sides covered in a palette of wild flower colors from  Bluebonnets to Daisies.

There were about 40 rigs along with a few "Wannabe" owners.  Eating, socializing and touring was on the agenda for each day.  Three hours of one day was for the rig tours.  This is more for the Wannabes than the owners.  However, we all toured each other's rigs to see the great variation in floor plans, details and decorating.  The units ranged in length from the longest at 38 feet to my 24 foot unit. There were eight people in my unit at one time.  That is the record.  

Stonehenge and Easter Island... are in the same pasture near Hunt, TX. 


National Ranching Heritage Center... is located near the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.  The tour is through a park of original structures representing ranching from the late 1700's to the early 1900's. 


Buddy Holly Center... The favorite son of Lubbock, TX is memorialized in a museum, a street and a "Walk for Fame" honoring West Texas musicians. Once I was back in the Silver Slug, I tuned the satellite radio to the fifties music.  Within minutes, it was Buddy Holly singing "Everyday".  Great memories!

Cadillac Carhenge... just west of Amarillo is not worth the stop. It's been ruined by several layers of graffiti.

Budweiser Clydesdales... passed me as I traveled the secondary roads on the way to Colorado. Moving at 60 miles an hour the three trucks loped passed me like I stood still.  Since I have mentioned Budweiser, here is a bar in Denver that doesn't serve Budweiser...

My Brothers Bar in Denver...  It's not my thing to review bars, but this "institution" in Denver needs mention.  All beer is on tap.  No bottles.  There is no Coors or Budweiser.  Not a sports bar; no TV.  Not a fern bar; no plants in the windows.  The menu is on the wall and the food is great.   

Fuel Prices... are high. However, I do not plan any changes in travel plans.  In order to come out even on this, I will have to save money in some other way.  I could give up cinnamon rolls.  I will not give up the exploring.  

Hiking ... What little hiking I did was in New Mexico at El Morro Nat'l Monument, El Malpais Nat'l Monument and Tent Rocks Nat'l Monument (the picture). 


Why? ... Hershey's discontinued manufacture of a hard chocolate candy they called Tastetations.  To me it was the perfect desert.  It met my need for a sweet chocolate flavor with a minimal amount of calories.  More than likely, the Hershey bean counters decided the demise. Since more soft candy can be consumed per minute, out with the hard candy.  Jerks!

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  Fredericksburg was already mentioned above.  After checking out the wide selection available, the best cinnamon roll was found at Dietz' bakery.  It was snack sized, no pecans with a great balance in flavors. For balance in bakery item consumption, the best apple strudel is at the Old German Bakery and Restaurant.  It was heavy on the filling and light on the pastry.  

Some mornings as I drive the roads, I want to find a bakery so I can satisfy that craving for a pastry or something.  One of those times happened as I drove through a small town in Texas.  The location of this bakery on the main street could not have been a coincidence.  It was an omen of bakery riches.  I had to go to that bakery.  Unfortunately there was no place to park the Silver Slug and Wandrin Wagon. Since my good fortune brought me through this town and to the bakery, I was sure that the gods of bakery goods would create a place for me in front of the bakery. Sure enough.  It only took eight trips around the block before I found a space right in front of the bakery.  

Vanity Plates .... 

SLEEP2 -- On a fifth wheel that sleeps two.

TIGRNME -- On a red Mercedes.

HELE2HI --  "HELE" to Hawaii? 

I know the answer for the following. Do you?



Quote...  "Public opinion is no substitute for thought" on a business marquee in Tucson. 

Recent Reads...   David McCumber's "A Cowboy Way".  The author's awe of the modern cowboy is told in a great story with detail and humor.  He involves the reader in experiencing ranch life on the ground, on horse back, next to the branding iron, Montana's snow in your face, truck maintenance and the body aches that go with being a cowboy.

"A Cook's Tour" by Anthony Bourdain.  The sub-title is "Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines."  A tour of eating unusual meals throughout the world, the author is quite opinionated and offends the senses at every opportunity.  It may have been a better book were it not for the camera crew that was recording the experiences for a future series on cable TV.   

In Memory of Walt Pratt... 

Live life.  
Love life.
Live love.


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