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Dateline: July 27, 2004 -- Lansing, Michigan

Future travel plans... Eastern Canada passing through Montreal and Quebec City on the way.

Since the last column, I continued my stay in Wisconsin visiting relatives, performing genealogical research, attending summer concerts and exploring.

Iola Car Show ... Plymouth was the theme car for the annual car show held in this small Wisconsin town. Since my first new car was a 1961 Plymouth baby blue convertible, it was a nostalgia stop to see a restored model. There were white and red models of that convertible, but no baby blue. (That's me in the photo in my 1961 Plymouth.)

Remember automobile hood ornaments. At the show there were over a thousand restored autos dating from the earliest days of automobiles. The picture collage represents just a few of those ornaments.


Many say that a boat is nothing more than a money hole in the water.  No doubt restoring old cars is in a similar category. A simple  license plate ("MONY PIT") says it all.


Milwaukee Zoo... Do not feed the animals at the zoo.  That is what all the signs say. It is all in who you know. Dean Roepke, a cousin through our Lemke ancestors, is a vet at the Milwaukee Zoo.  So I was able to get behind the scenes and feed the rhino some yam slices.    

Old World Wisconsin... is about 40 miles southwest of Milwaukee near Eagle, WI.  Historical re-creations and building restorations represent several European nationalities in the second half of the 1800s.  Each brought with them their history and adapted their architecture and farming practices as they settled Wisconsin. 

Staying Fit... While in Jackson, MI, Walt Treichel and I took a five hour canoe trip down a portion of the Kalamazoo River. It was not hiking, but it did give my shoulders a work out. Ouch!  


Just Wondering ... Who would buy "No Fat Half And Half"? Instead of the half which is cream, the substitute for cream is sugar. Yuch!! The result is more calories per serving.  

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  No new rolls to report on. 

Vanity Plates .... 

QTR HORS --- on a retro T-Bird

NOTBUGG --- VW branded convertible.

QTPIERN --- Cute nurse?

NRA OK --- Got it!

EX BOBBY --- retired policeman?

First I found BROWNIZ, then it was GREENIZ followed a couple days later by BLUIIZ4.

TNKRBLL --- a car flitting from lane to lane.

STAAWA2 wants no guests while VISITUS invites me over.

And I have no idea what these are:

802ME --- on a Mercedes.

CMUNICR --- On a Cadillac

Bumper Sticker.... "Yes this is my truck. No I won't help you move." 

Double Vision... was the name of a bar near Cecil Wisconsin.

Travel Quote....  

"It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters in the end." 
--Ursula K. LeGuin 

Recent Reads...

Guess I've been too busy with other diversions.  There were no books to review.

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