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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Dateline: October 28, 2004 -- Charleston, SC

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Future travel plans... When I leave Florida after Christmas I will head toward California. 

I traveled lots of miles from Vermont to South Carolina. One of the first things I did was to get a new rig. The new rig brought back childhood memories as I drove the International Farmall H (1948 model) to continue my explorations. 

There is far too much to relate as I explored on my journey south, so here are just a few of the stops. 

Hershey, Pennsylvania ... is the home of Chocolate World -- a stop for the chocolate lover. After the tour I have much less guilt when I consume Hershey Chocolates. The profits from Hershey Corporation support the Milton Hershey School Trust for more than 1,100 financially needy boys and girls in grades K-12. (for more details see Hershey history)

Gettysburg... National Military Park are a memorial to three days in 1863 when Civil War casualties exceeded 40,000 Confederate and Union soldiers. Monuments and cannon are situated throughout the area marking the locations of fighting units during those three bloody days. It was unsettling to walk the grounds realizing the number of men who had died there.

Washington, DC... was another stop. For my explorations, I took the subway from Fairfax, VA where I was parked at the Elks Lodge. On one day, I walked and toured the National Mall from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. There were many opportunities to ponder and consider the US history as I viewed the monuments, museums and especially the memorials to World War II, Vietnam War and the Korean War. 

On another day, I visited the newest museum on the mall -- the National Museum of the American Indian. The building's curved surfaces stand out along the mall and other buildings. Within the museum, the representation is a high level view of American Indian Culture over the centuries and includes some Indian tribes from the Arctic Circle to the tip of South America.

The recently opened Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center was another visit. It is located near Dulles International Airport in Virginia. The building is huge and constructed in the shape of a hangar. Within the building are planes representing all forms of aviation from the original "flying machines" to a space shuttle -- including wacky stuff like a strap-on helicopter. The aircraft in the building are huge from civil aviation's Air France Concorde or a Boeing 707 to war planes like the SR-71 Blackbird or the B-29 Enola Gay which dropped the first atomic bomb during World War II. 

Jefferson's Monticello... was another stop as I crossed Virginia. This was Jefferson's home for most of his life and it was not finished at his death. The grand edifice of this rather small house incorporates Jefferson's natural world collections, his inventions, some of his books and the European purchases that he made in his lifetime of US diplomatic service.

Biltmore Estates... is in Asheville, North Carolina.  This 175,000 square foot (about four acres) home with 43 bathrooms was completed in 1895 for the 27 year old bachelor George Vanderbilt. It is hard to realize that this was a home for George, his wife, Edith and their daughter Cornelia. In those days, when the relatives and friends came to visit, they brought their trunks and personal servants. All those rooms were needed. Open for tours since 1930, today the home and the estate is owned by George's grandson, William Cecil, and the corporation includes a hotel and a winery. 

Charleston, South Carolina... was a stop where I found the oldest Live Oak tree. The tree is over 1400 years old and its branches cover an area exceeding an acre. In the picture, I am barely visible next to the trunk of the tree. 


Where ever I have traveled this past year, I have been told that the weather has been unusually cold and wet. Just to prove how unusual the year has been, I found this flowering crab tree with October blossoms. 

Hiking... There were several opportunities this past month to hike portions of the Appalachian Trail. While on the trail near Gettysburg, I met a hiker who has been doing the trail in sections with his current destination New York. I had commented to him that I missed the vistas and views that were usual on my hikes in Colorado. Yup. That is why the Appalachian Trail is called the "long green tunnel".    

Cinnamon Roll Search ...  As I traveled through the Amish and Mennonite communities of Pennsylvania, I searched for bakeries. When I asked some locals where a bakery may be, I was directed to the most famous one in the area. When I checked the display case for cinnamon rolls, there were none. Told to look behind me, I saw cinnamon rolls wrapped in cellophane. Assured they were fresh, I purchased one. I should have known better. For cellophane wrapped cinnamon rolls they were pretty bad.  

Vanity License Plates .... 

WAZNME --- In denial? 

GRNBACK --- On a Subaru Outback that was...

BRNEYE --- Only one?

IDEFNDU --- Lawyer.

8 1HOTNO --- It was not obvious until I noted the Dale Earnhardt Jr. bumper sticker. 

5FTDUDE --- Lady driver.

2PAR18 --- Admirable goal.

MCMLVII --- On a new car. 

Here are some to puzzle on:


2 AVELN --- 

4BFUIT ---

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This has been another of those times where I have not completed a book that I can give one of my two sentence reviews.

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