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Dateline: December 31, 2004 -- Bushnell, Florida

Happy New Year

... to you on this last day of 2004. In a few days, I will be following the Gulf coast heading to south Texas. 

Christmas Day... It rained. It was nice of Florida to forego their usual sunny weather so the rest of the nation could enjoy sunshine. It rained all day. It was like the last hurricane of the season -- perhaps Hurricane Zelda.

A Christmas dinner was enjoyed with the community at the SKP Resort at Wauchula. Ham and turkey with all the trimmings was followed by too many desserts. Due to the weather conditions this year, the Christmas dip in the pool was not on the schedule.

Lake Placid, Florida... is the Outdoor Mural Capital of Florida. Of the over 30 murals scattered mostly in the downtown area, my favorite was this mural on the side of the Winn-Dixie grocery store. 

Called the Cracker Trail Cattle Drive, it recalls the history of cattle ranching across central Florida. The mural emits the sounds of cattle, horses, whooping cowboys and the cracking of a whips.

"Cracker" comes from the sound of the whip and early Floridians were dubbed "crackers". So what would happen if a Floridian married a native from Wisconsin? Of course you would have cheese and crackers.

2004 Year End... is time to look back. 

In this past year, Wandrin Wagon traveled just under 12,000 miles. Silver Slug has gained another 25,000 miles -- even with the high price for diesel fuel. 

Since I keep track of all my expenses, I had looked at my costs of "camping". The daily average was $9.70. This includes campground memberships, daily rental, propane, etc.

Excluding the costs of medical expenses and insurance, but including discretionary purchases (includes a new camera), I am able to live on less than $2000 a month.

Signature Picture of 2004... After a review of the pictures I have taken this past year, this sailing ship sums up a year of adventure and the freedom of travel. Although I may be required to traveling roads on land, there are many roads from which I am able to choose. After almost four years of living on the road, I realize how little I have seen on my travels of the North American continent. I look forward to many more years of exploring.

Latest Read...

"The Twentieth Century" by Howard Zinn. This is a portion of the author's much larger "A People's History of the United States".  Rather than a history of the government of the Unites States, the author writes a history as viewed by the American people. He describes how their US Government working in collusion with the large corporations manage a large working class to meet corporate goals -- personal profit. 

It doesn't really appear much different in the 21st century. For example, consider minimum wage rates or the plight of agricultural workers in this country. 

There are times that I found that book rather depressing. Frequently, it was easy to put it aside for other reading.

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