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Dateline: January 10, 2005 -- Livingston, Texas

Future Travel... Following the coast to some point close to the Mexican border in Texas.

Seminole Wars Reenactment... is held on New Years Day every year at Bushnell, FL. This was the second Seminole War of 1835. The contrast of the US Army blue and the colorful costumes of the Seminole actors make for great pictures.


Before leaving Sumter Oaks SKP Park, I had another of those great cinnamon rolls at Herb and Peg's in Bushnell.

St Joseph Peninsula State Park... in the panhandle of Florida is a great camp ground on a narrow spit of land separating the Gulf from St. Joseph Bay. With few campers, it was  great place to walk the almost deserted beaches and hike the trails. The temperatures were great as I explored and enjoyed great sunsets.

New Orleans... First stop was at the Cafe du Monde. After hot chocolate and an order of beignets (deep fried "donut" with a half pound of sugar), it was time for a walk. 

The French Quarter appears to be year round party ground. Lots of bars blaring music through open doors. Every other door is a trinket shop selling the masquerade material of beads, boas and masks. After more walking through New Orleans, I headed back to Wandrin Wagon in Slidell and took a bike ride on the nearby Tammany Trace trail.

Texas... The eastern most exit on I-10 in Texas bears the number 880. At my rate of travel, it would take four days to cross Texas. Actually, it will take a lot longer since I will not be taking I-10.

Treichel ... (my surname) is the name of a "place" in Texas. Located less than 40 miles northwest of Houston, it had to be explored. Treichel Road is about a mile long and Treichel Woods Estates is on that road. The street in the estates may say "champagne", but it was more like a beer neighborhood. 


However, on Treichel Road I did find a great Longhorn bull that wanted his picture taken.

Just wondering... With mutual fund managers' bonuses based on increased value, is it any wonder the DOW and all other market indicators are up at the end of the year. My suspicions are supported when much of those year end gains are lost in the first week of the New Year.

Vanity Plates...


AVIATRX --- on a small pickup; couldn't see the driver.

WIL TRVL on the truck and HAV TRUK on the trailer being towed.

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