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Dateline: March 28, 2005 -- San Diego, CA

Future Travel... After a couple of weeks at the Chula Vista Elks Lodge, I will head easterly to northern Arizona.

Benson, AZ... at the Saguaro SKP park is where I spent over a month playing cards and socializing with numerous friends. It was a bustle of activity and after leaving it took a couple of days to recover from socialization withdrawal. I wondered where I was going to play cards each evening. Thanks to all of you at the Saguaro SKP park for the great time. I am looking forward to next winter.

Tucson, AZ... was a short three day stop. The time was spent with some short hikes in Saguaro National Park and taking care of big city purchases.

Organ Pipe National Monument... was the next stop on my journey. This time the park was green when compared to my previous visit a couple of years ago. I took several hikes throughout the park. Evenings were at the amphitheater learning more about the park and the desert. With no light pollution, this is a star gazers dream. Just make yourself warm in your recliner and look at the stars above.

More pictures from Organ Pipe:

Ocotillo in bloom

Organ pipe drank too much of the spring rain


Organ pipe bloom


A running

Organ pipe cactus

Bull Pasture hike

Yuma... was a three day stop at the Elks before I headed on to the Escapade gathering in Imperial, CA. Walked the area flea markets to find nothing I needed. 

Since Yuma is agricultural, there is an availability of ripe produce from oranges and strawberries to broccoli and lettuce of all varieties. 

Watching a roadrunner catch lizards was an interesting diversion.


Cinnamon Roll... at Goldsboro's in Yuma was a one block walk from the Elks Lodge parking lot. It was easy to satisfy the cinnamon roll craving each morning. It still has one of the best around. Not only do they have great cinnamon rolls, but pastries, cookies and breads of all varieties are available to satisfy your carbo palette. 

Vanity Plates...


STYM2GO -- on an RV

2TH VET -- Specialist in pet teeth?

OMASBUG -- on a blue VW bug

EL PATO -- Spanish for duck, drake. 

Bumper sticker...  "Happiness is a warm .45"...  No one was driving too close to this car. 

Latest Read...

"1421 -- The Year China Discovered America" by Gavin Menzies. Not only did the Chinese explore and map the world in 1421, they made it possible for the Portuguese and Columbus to make their exploratory voyages throughout the 15th century. 

"Faster - The Acceleration of Just About Everything" by James Gleick. This analysis essays that much of the world lives at a faster pace than just 25 years ago. Five second commercials, microwave cooking, less sleep and high speed elevators are a few of the many ways in which we try to cram more into a 24 hour day.

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