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Dateline: April 12, 2005 -- San Diego, CA at the Chula Vista Elks Lodge

Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey. -- Babs Hoffman

Future Travel... Palm Springs will be a short stay after leaving San Diego. From there, northern Arizona is the next destination.

The high light of my stop in San Diego this year was the...

Carrier USS Midway... It is docked just north of San Diego's Seaport Village and is available for tours. This vintage carrier was commissioned in 1945 and continued in service for 47 years including Desert Storm. A self guided tour leads you from the engine room, to the hangar, to the mess area, to the sleeping berths, to the deck and ends on the bridge -- the control center of this "island". 

Today the hangar and deck of the USS Midway serve as museum space for many of the planes and helicopters that would have used the USS Midway as a home base.

In this view from the bridge, the carrier USS Ronald Reagan can be seen across the Bay. It is the latest in carrier technology and is longer than the USS Midway by 150 feet. It is not available for tours unless you want to take a tour with the Navy. 

Around town... included a visit to the beach at the Silver Strand State Park. The prices have doubled in the past year. $26 a day for dry camping on a concrete slab. It is a great ocean view and it is quiet, but I will not park there this year. This was followed by a walking tour of downtown Coronado -- including the hotel. I recall the days when I could afford to stay there. Of course I was on a company expense account at the time.

This low rider was spotted in Imperial Beach. Note the distance between the bumper and the pavement. Perhaps a couple of inches. There must be some sort of caster wheels under there to keep that bumper from hitting the pavement. What happens when going through a dip in the road.

New palm species... On a hike in the Sweetwater Reservoir, I spotted this new sub species of palm tree. It is the Palmus Wirelessium. First noted a decade ago, it has been seen in many places in the west. This is the first time I was able to get a picture in the company of other older palm species. 

San Diego Zoo... is always a visit when in San Diego. In addition to the San Diego Zoo star attractions -- pandas and koalas -- I noted a Southeast Asia breed of cattle. These guys will give the longhorn some competition for horns. 






The gharial is an unusual looking reptile from India. It is in the crocodile alligator family. As it lay in the sun without any movement, most observers were sure they were fake. However, after I pointed out that their eyes open and closed periodically, the observers wondered whether they were Disneyland creations. The final picture is a species not in a zoo enclosure, but wandering around with the other zoo visitors.

RV parks... are the only place where million dollar homes can be found right next to a $42,000 home. Even adding my truck to the equation, it would be $80,000 for the comparison.


The Prevost Marathon parked near me lists for over a million dollars up to a million and a half. You can't afford it, if you have to ask. That is why the attached license plate reads "A MINT".

Cinnamon Roll... Nothing new. However, the strawberries at the Thursday Farmer's Market in Chula Vista have been a great substitute; they are ripe and taste like a strawberry.

Vanity Plates...

WZINTME -- Somebody is in denial.


Bumper sticker...  "My kids think I'm an ATM." 

Latest Read...

"Two Year Before The Mast" by Richard Henry Dana Jr. This book was published in 1840 recounting the author's two year experience as a seaman aboard a sailing ship. He writes in detail about the sailor's labors on the deck to high aloft on a mast furling and unfurling sails. He includes the stark descriptions of living and eating conditions aboard ship. 

To me the most fascinating parts of the book are his descriptions of the California coast and cities of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey and San Francisco.

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