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Dateline: April 21, 2005 -- San Diego, CA

Last week as I traveled the roads of life I hit a...

Pothole... Not a real one, but a figurative pothole. 

Early last week, I had gone to San Diego's Balboa Park for a tour of some of the museums including the History of Chocolate at the Museum of Natural History. The smells were great. After about four or five hours of museums, it was time to head home. 

As I approached the parking lot, I sensed something was wrong. There was -- NO TRUCK. The Silver Slug was gone. After finding the local police number, filing the report, and calling the insurance company, I had a rental car and was back home by eight that evening. 

As I reviewed the day, I remembered that I had considered filling Silver Slug with fuel since it was less than quarter full, but didn't. That was a good thing. That would have been another $80.

I didn't sleep well that evening as I pondered the future search for a truck, the re-acquisition of personal items including the hiking gear/shoes, camera lenses, etc. right down to the baseball cap.

The next thing this insomniac's mind wondered about was giving up exploring and return to a permanent residence of some sort. That thought did not last long when I realized how much fun I was having exploring this great country. That option will always be there when I tire of this rootless existence.

Since I assumed that I would never see Silver Slug again, the following day I started the process of looking for a truck. That was something I really did not want to do since Silver Slug had another 100,000 miles of life. The new trucks were nice, but way more money than I wanted to come up with -- in addition to the market value that I would have gotten for the missing Silver Slug.

That was when I received the phone call that Silver Slug had been found in Mexico. (Anything can be driven into Mexico, but try to get something into the United States.)

Silver Slug is now in a body shop for the miscellaneous repairs and replacing the missing batteries, radio, spare tire, etc. That plus a wash and detail and it will be ready for the road once again.

Not so fast Wandrin Lloyd.... The thieves emptied the contents of anything that wasn't attached to the truck including an aspirin bottle. The thieves also took the license plates and the vehicle registration. Even though the truck may be ready in a few days, it will probably be another week before I can be on the road with a licensed truck.

Hopefully, there will be...

Future Travel... Perhaps I will be on the road in less than ten days -- or there will be another Wandrin column from San Diego. 

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