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Dateline: July 22, 2005 -- Boulder, CO

Future Travel... Heading to Wisconsin

Colorado Vintage Base Ball... (http://www.cvbba.org) was being played one Sunday at a Westminster (Colorado) ball diamond right next to the Elks Lodge. The teams were playing the way the game would have been played in the 1860's. In addition to the team dressed in period uniforms, some of the ladies wore the long dresses of the day. To be accurate to the base ball on 1860, no mitts were to be seen.

The event reminded me of the days when I was a kid and there were village baseball teams. These teams would play on Sunday afternoons to the enjoyment of very few people. Grandpa Reinie was usually there at the Morrison ball diamond. On rare occasions, I would ride my bicycle the two miles to Morrison from the farm. There I would play with grade school pals and then ride over to the ball game. By the time I was in high school, these rural village teams were history.

Doctors visit... I have an aversion to taking prescription drugs. It had been three years since my last physical. My cholesterol levels are high and for many years my doctor has been hounding me to take a statin medications to reduce those high numbers. As usual, the subject came around to the same issue during this visit. Once again he suggested that I take some sort of statin drug. When I said that I didn't want to take those chemically laden drugs, he asked me what I thought my daily vitamins were made of... He made a good point.

Boulder, CO ... was home since the 4th of July. I was driveway sitting for Roy and Donna Pyle as they took a trip to Mongolia for almost three weeks. My main responsibilities were to keep the plants alive.

My stay in Boulder allowed me the opportunity to re-explore the changed Boulder. That included a visit to the Farmer's Market with some fresh vegetables and fruits. There were ripe tomatoes and ripe peaches. Those are some of my favorite foods. In my package of peaches was this oddity of a peach.



How about this rainbow hat of balloons and a kid with make believe swords.



HOT... HOT... That was the weather for the entire time I was in Denver and Boulder. There were numerous days over 90 degree weather and then several days of over 100. Whew. At the same time it was hot all over the country including Wisconsin -- my next destination.

There will be no complaint from me. It can always be worse. This year many parts of Arizona will break records when they get to 40 days of over 100 degrees. It is still a great place to spend the winters.

The Guard Duck... Last January I was beach combing the Gulf Coast in Texas near Matagorda. There was a lot of debris along the beach including enough unused lumber to build a small house. There were also dead things -- including the porpoise or dolphin -- a porphin? There were shells. Tangled in the midst of the debris of sea weed, flotsam and jetsam was a duck decoy. It needed a home. So now I have a traveling partner -- actually I have a guard duck. It also makes for good conversation when I set it outside by my doorstep.

Some pictures...

Lily close up

Cute dog picture --
Chopper (TJ and Krista's)

Field of sunflowers
near Berthoud, CO

Sunflower close up


Hiking and Exercise... While parked in Denver and Boulder, I hiked in the nearby mountains with friends or by myself. The most frequent hike was at Wild Basin near Allenspark. Over the years, that has become a very popular hike. Advice: get there early -- real early -- before the crowds show up.

More hiking while parked in Boulder.... Fifteen years ago I lived in Boulder and I hiked many of the open space trails. Fifteen years later they seemed like new trails!

Cinnamon Rolls...

Perhaps my cinnamon roll search is unusual, but this was received from reader Cal Stewart about a cinnamon roll baker:

On Paul Harvey's News and Comment of July 8th 2005, he spoke of "an old baker who made delicious cinnamon rolls but would not share the recipe with anyone. He vowed to take it to his grave. This he did but had the recipe inscribed on his tombstone..."

The recipe:
A kilo of flower and 50 grams of yeast.
A pinch of salt and three eggs.
Seven spoons of sugar and 200 grams of margarine.
One and a half glasses of milk and …
Cinnamon to taste.

Bumper sticker... spotted in Boulder

"Annoy a Neo-Conservative: Think Hard, Do Good, Be Happy"
('neo' was hand written on the bumper sticker)

"Better a bleeding heart than none at all"

Vanity Plates...

HALFGAS -- On a Toyota Prius

UNCLUTR -- Professional house organizer???

MS CUD -- Young lady driving the car. Gum chewer?

SRCRSS -- Sorceress!

DANSR -- Dan Senior -- or a dancer.

I have no idea what these are...

P2H4 GO -- Colorado plates. Chemistry?

PRGNUT -- What kind of nut?

Some Latest Reads..

"Investment Biker - Around the World with Jim Rogers" by Jim Rogers. An adventure travel on motorcycle by Rogers takes him across the world's continents and its countries. Traveling off the beaten path presents the author with many opportunities to see the countries he visits up close. His advice: invest in countries that advocate a market economy without government controls which stifle the entrepreneurship of the private sector. 

"His Excellency - George Washington" by Joseph J. Ellis. This could have been a very different USA if it were not for George Washington realizing that once the revolution was over, it was time for him to step aside. It would have been very easy for Washington to become a dictator -- or king. There was enough adulation for that to happen quite easily.

"A Scattered People - An American Family Moves West" by Gerald W. McFarland. The author narrates his ancestors 1630 arrival in Massachusetts and their migration west through successive generations until some of them arrive in California in 1900.

By contrast, my ancestors were a settled lot. My ancestors immigrated to Wisconsin from various parts of Prussia (currently northern Germany and Poland). Most of them settled in southern Brown County of Wisconsin and after three generations many were still there.

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