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Dateline: September 20, 2005 -- Madison, WI

Future Travel... Heading through Chicago and on to the St. Louis area and continue west through Kansas and New Mexico.

Packer Football Game... at Lambeau field was courtesy of Ken and Shirley Hendricks. This preseason game between the Packers and the Patriots was something of a yawner. One "wave" went around the stadium four times before there was a play worth noticing. Along with all the other die hard Packer fans I left in the fourth quarter (Packers were losing 27-3) when rain started to fall in buckets. However, for three quarters I had the chance to sit among the beer guzzling and crazed Packer fans in the "football  temple" and home of the "Ice Bowl". Those fans do love their Packers.

Visited a winery ... This was the smallest winery that I had ever visited. Near the village of Wayside, the Trout Springs Winery has a rural address of Greenleaf, WI. With the wine making owner leading a tour of this winery, this was a place to learn about making wine on a small scale. Quite educational. A small winery has only a few choices, but that did not keep me from buying a bottle for the road.

Fisherman's Hall of Fame... in Hayward was a stop as I toured northern Wisconsin. All those fish stories are real. The proof is evident where the largest specimens have been stuffed and mounted throughout the park including the walk through muskie. The park is a museum dedicated to fishing history, displays of all types of fishing lures, fishing poles, boat motors and walls and panels covered with pictures of the fish that didn't get away.

Rhinelander Wisconsin... This city is the only place where the Hodag has ever been found. The first sighting was over one hundred years ago in a lumber camp. Today, there are less frequent sightings -- usually about two in the morning after bars close. The Hodag's fame has spread throughout the city with Hodag Park, Hodag businesses and the Hodag as school mascots.

Wisconsin Concrete Park... at Phillips, Wisconsin. When Fred Smith retired at the age of 63, he kept himself busy by learning to build sculptures of concrete and proceeding to build an entire park of sculptures. Built over a period of fifteen years, the life size sculptures cover a wide range of subjects from a maid milking a cow to the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Dancing Pixies... were captured in the last rays of a sunset when I was parked at the Ashland, WI Elks Lodge. I was able to get about a dozen pictures, but this one picture has turned into my favorite. The picture tells a great story.

Other travel -- and comment -- in photos....

Lake Superior Dock... How about your own dock where you can watch the sun rise from the waters of Lake Superior.
Ashland Wisconsin... Murals grace the walls of many buildings downtown. This one represents the Ashland of years ago.
Wisconsin's State Capitol... Built in 1906-1917, it is a beautiful structure of exterior granite and an interior of stone from 43 countries around the world. The "Wisconsin" statue atop the dome wears a helmet holding the state animal -- the badger. A view through my binoculars proved that to be true.
Farmer's Markets... are a favorite stop. There is nothing like a vine ripened tomato. (The picture is a mixture of peppers.) Along with other veggies and fruits, too many times I brought home more items than would fit in the refrigerator.
Milwaukee Kite Festival... was a great show with all varieties and sizes. One show was choreographed kites with five identical kites flown by five operators.
Ribbit... A stone found at Point Beach State Forest
Building details... far above first and second floors of a building always fascinate me. Whenever I look upward to see these details, I am given wide berth by other sidewalk pedestrians. Perhaps they consider me diseased -- or have a mental condition. They may be right!
A tree grows out of a long abandoned silo or did some giant person place a tree in what it thought was a vase.
This car thinks it is a zebra.


Hiking and Exercise... With all the bike trails there was no excuse. There were bike trails on Madeleine Island in the Apostle Islands, at Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison. I checked out several miles on each of them. In Madison, I stayed at the Lake Farm County Park. The Capital Trail was right there -- no ferrying the bike to the trail. A short bike ride from the park and I was in downtown Madison or the University of Wisconsin campus.

After exercise, it is time to refuel so food is next...

Cinnamon Rolls...  After that long bike ride on Madeleine island, I went into Grandpa Tony's. The young man behind the counter said his mother made a great cinnamon roll. I had one and agreed with his rating. Very good balance of flavor and texture.

After that it was back to Green Bay where I had more cinnamon rolls at the Stadium Bakery. Fuel prices were even higher this month and it didn't stop me from making the trip. I made a special trip the last day I was in town -- the day after Labor Day. They didn't make any that day because of the first day of school. What does that have to do with making cinnamon rolls.

Restaurant visit... During my Milwaukee stay, cousin Dean and I had lunch at Doyle's Milwaukee Inn located in West Allis. I had a cutlet and potato pancakes with all the other trimmings. It was fantastic. Potato pancakes are either very good or very bad. These were outstanding. Their rating as one of the five top restaurants is Milwaukee was well deserved.

Bed And Biscuit... was the business name. Could this be a low budget Bed and Breakfast?

Vanity Plates...

JLNJL -- Jim and Jan Leschke

EDK8R -- Teacher's strong point was not spelling

2 MNY BKS -- Agreed

IFLY4FN -- on a car parked at the kite festival


BMWNOT -- on a Nissan

AQUAMAN and a little while later it was LNDMAN

Some Latest Reads...

"Cuba Diaries" by Isadora Tattlin. Under a pseudonym, the author relates how daily living is accomplished in a country where every economic value is regulated by the government.

"Every Farm Tells a Story" by Jerry Apps. Through recollections and memories, the author writes about growing up on a small farm in Wisconsin in the 1940s. My boyhood days on the farm made it easy to relate to many of the stories he told -- including the terrifying climb to the top of the silo.

"Wild Stories -- The Best of Men's Journal" is a collection of stories from the magazine. Adrenaline runs in all the reporting from lone travel in a third world country to reporting from a war zone.

"Nearer My Dog To Thee" by Graham Mackintosh. This is the third of this author's books to focus on travel in Baja California. In his previous books, he travels throughout the Baja. This book concentrates on a summer the author spent in a national park in the middle of the Baja. It was easy to live vicariously as he and his dog(s) explored and marveled at the beauty of this unspoiled place.

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