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Dateline: May 31, 2006 -- Denver, CO

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My Brothers Bar... is where I went to meet Jane (a co-worker from my Hitachi Data Systems employment.)

Brothers (as it is known by those who frequent the establishment) is in an old part of Denver at the corner of Water and 15th Streets is this little bar. However, the area has seen major changes over the past fifteen years as it goes through "gentrification".

Brothers is not a typical bar. Purchased by Jim Karagas about 1970, it has stayed pretty much the same over the years. No sign on the building identifies it as My Brother's Bar. With a background of classical music, this bar has no TVs, no Coors or Budweiser and no bottle beers. All (about a dozen) of the beer selections are on tap and the food menu is short with great selections for everyone including the vegetarian.

It was a great evening to meet Jane at Brothers. It was like a Friday night before my retirement. Soon Mike (Jane's husband) was there. Then John W. came in after a "tough" day at IBM.

It was pure coincidence that I was there the evening that the entire Gard clan arrived including Norm, Carolyn, John, Kathy, Nick and Alex. A few minutes later James arrived. It was a great joy to visit with all and catch up on things past and present. We recalled those days before Nick -- or when Nick lounged or napped in the corner on the floor in his crib. Nick obliged us by demonstrating how and where that was done.

Check out My Brother's Bar next time you are in Denver. After shopping at the REI store, go next door to My Brother's Bar at the corner of Platte and 15th Street.

Body Worlds... This exhibit is at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I found this visit to the museum most fascinating and educational. Beauty may be only skin deep, but what is under the skin is a pure marvel of beauty. The plasticized human bodies are displayed in various positions from the soccer player kicking the ball to a sitting figure. Also included among the displays are cross sections of the human body showing normal and diseased internal organs.

The exhibit is well done and the feeling is more of awe and not the eerie feeling that I had originally expected. The exhibit’s popularity was obvious with the number of people that were present during my Monday afternoon visit. Go to Body Worlds for more about the exhibits, how they are done and where an exhibit may be playing near you.

Denver Summary... During my month long stay in Denver, I have managed to keep myself quite busy visiting and catching up with friends and family. There were dinners and lunches and a reunion of one time employees of StorageTek -- my last employer. The month was not long enough to visit all my friends and acquaintances in the Denver area. After all this social interaction, I will experience social withdrawal when I hitch up and start my journey to Wisconsin. During this past month, I neglected to post some other activities and photos. Here are some selected items from this month in the Denver area.


Denver's Botanic Gardens was a stop one day.

The Butterfly Pavilion... was visited twice. Since they had a tendency to keep moving, I didn't get too many good pictures and these are not that great. I passed through the gift shop on the way out wanting to purchase a "butterfly shirt" like the volunteers and workers wore. When I inquired about the purchase of one, they told me I had to work there. I asked, "How long would I have to work?" There was no answer. I left without a shirt. A search of the internet proved futile. I may have to go to work -- or at least volunteer to get that shirt. Maybe next year... or maybe not.

Photos to share...





The Rock Garden is a landscape company in Fort Collins. With an indoor showroom and a landscaped hill, the company demonstrates the beauty and versatility of rock to beautify homes. This rock structure reminded me of a part of Stone Henge.

Cinnamon Roll Search...

The Rheinlander Bakery is located in the old downtown section of Arvada. This German Bakery has a wide selection of pastries and breads to address that sweet craving. With a wide variety of breads and items for the diabetics, this bakery has it all.

This cinnamon roll was great. With a good balance of flavors and snack sized, I enjoyed it many times. Once again it was a different interpretation. Here the raisins were scattered across the top of the cinnamon roll rather than being in the folds and whorls of the cinnamon roll. Another variation on the cinnamon roll was the scattering of strudel topping on the roll. For those who like sticky buns, those were also available at the bakery.

One time I actually rode my bike to the bakery. Being the lazy person that I am, most times I drove the Silver Slug. Okay. I know it is a bad idea to burn diesel fuel calories to get a cinnamon roll.

Located at the corner of 64th and Wadsworth in Arvada, the Totally Tasty Bakery is a Danish bakery with breads and a wide variety of pastry selections including cinnamon rolls. They are sweeter than I prefer, but with a cup of tea it becomes a good morning snack. Actually, they are large enough to split for a two morning snack. They must have been pretty good. Since I arrived in Denver, more than once I have used diesel fuel calories to go the six miles round trip just for the cinnamon roll.

Vanity plates:

OLSPRT on a Mercedes

560SL -- 80s vintage

DIJON -- Guess the color of this VW. No. It wasn't blue.

DEADMNY -- Did this guy buy his small pickup truck from his poker winnings?

CPA-CFP -- on a VW. No doubt very financially conservative.

TWOLEOS -- A couple with birthdays between July 21 and August 21

Here are a few puzzlers: PUAMANA SAMIZZY EVRIDIR

Some bumper stickers:

"You don't have to believe everything you think."

Tax cuts for billionaires? What would Jesus do?

On a billboard: "Dr. Larry J. Rush Affordable One Day Dentures" (an apt surname for a speedy dentist)

Clever business names:


SKINDUSTRIES -- Tattoo and Body Art

"Grisham and Lawless -- Attorneys at Law" (In downtown Albuquerque)


HICC UPS (on a neighborhood bar)

Recent Reads...

Mark of The Grizzly... by Scott McMillion. This is an excellent guide for how to travel when in bear country. Using numerous instances of bear attacks, the author describes what happened and the aftermath of the attack and healing. The chapters include interviews with victims and the game managers.

The author predicts a disturbing end for the bear in the lower forty eight. Here is a long quote from the book including quotes from Barrie Gilbert -- a survivor of a brutal bear mauling.

"Still, Gilbert is not optimistic. Saving the grizzly bear, especially in the lower forty-eight states, will require a 'societal change, ' he says. But if it means things like losing a favorite campsite or fishing hole, handling your cattle differently, and changing how and where people hunt, society may balk.

"'We're an atavistic society that wants it all. American society has no respect for native people and no respect for native animals.'

"It saddens him to see the chain broken, to see the vast clearcuts and the overgrazing, to see disrupted the links between bears and forests, berries and salmon.

"'Are we so impoverished of spirit that with all our wealth we are willing to create deserts? Relatively speaking, that's what you do when you when you extinguist a species. Most conservation biologists don't like to use religious arguments, but God gave us these beautiful productive systems. Salmon streams and bears and ocean fisheries. By what right do we disgrace God by destroying them and creating deserts on Earth?'

"And if Barrie Gilbert can say that, talking with lips that still don't work quite right, with an eye gone, with half his face covered with scars, it's time to listen."

This is the place for me to complain about petting zoos. People seem to think that animals in the national parks are "pets" and can be treated like the petting zoo. People do this in spite of the signs that are posted identifying the animals as being wild animals. Of course, they choose to ignore the signs because of their petting zoo experience. I believe that petting zoos should be outlawed so we are allowed to be scared of the wild life in this world.

Bent's Fort... Written by David Lavender, this history of the western US expansion and settlement focuses on the history of Bent's fort located in southern Colorado on the Santa Fe Trail. The Bents and their partners managed and expanded a large trading empire that covered most of Colorado, and parts of the surrounding states. Using large amounts of historical material, the author makes this book an exciting read about the people, the places and historical events along the Santa Fe Trail from Missouri to Taos and Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Aldo Leopold -- A Fierce Green Fire... This biography of Aldo Leopold written by Marybeth Lorbiecki traces his life through his family, his early years, his education, and his lifelong employment with the Forest Service. Those influences and early experiences provided Leopold with his focus and the motivation to become the conservationist that he was through his entire life.

This book also provides a background for the reading of Leopold's classic A Sand County Almanac.

Evolution's Captain... Written by Peter Nichols, this well written biography of Robert Fitzroy holds the readers interest to the very last page. Fitzroy was the captain of the Beagle; the ship that carried Darwin to his explorations of the Galapagos Islands and eventually led Darwin to his theory of evolution. Darwin became famous while Fitzroy struggled to understand a world changing around him.

Recently graduated from college, the twenty-two year old Darwin was in the right place at the right time when Fitzroy was looking for an "educated" ship mate. On an earlier voyage to South America, Fitzroy had kidnapped some natives and had taken them to England to civilize them. Since the effort was unsuccessful, the journey to the southern tip of South America was to return these "savages" to their homeland.

After the return of the Beagle to England, Fitzroy continued to strive for recognition. As a devout Christian, Fitzroy blamed himself for giving Darwin the opportunity to explore the laboratory of the Galapagos which led to Darwin's theories. His guilt eventually led Fitzroy to suicide.

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