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Dateline: June 30, 2006 -- Green Bay, WI

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Photos to share...
  • Selected items from Heritage Hill State Park.
  • Doll like in looks, a candid photo of Lydia captured by her grandfather. 
  • Leaning cemetery stones from the late 1800s.




The day of my visit to Heritage Hill State Historical Society the theme was "Three Flags Over La Baye: Return of the Voyageur." The landing of the fur traders at La Baye (the settlement today known as Green Bay) was a time for celebration. Here are several photos of the landing and celebration as re-enacted for the enjoyment and education of the visitors. Note the photo where the cannon is fired to destroy the distant bridge.


Some photos from Green Bay Botanical Gardens:



Revolutionary War Veteran... Traveling through the village of Oneida on the Oneida Indian Reservation, I spotted a historical marker in the cemetery on County Highway E. When I slowed to read the marker, I found that a Revolutionary War veteran was buried there. The details are contained on the marker.


Birds Attack Bike Rider... Photos with roads or paths disappearing in the distance always intrigue me. Where does it go?

This is a "rails-to-trails" path. I biked a portion of the Fox River Trail from Greenleaf south to the Brown County line. The trail goes no further. The old rail road bed continues, but it has not been improved for bicycle riding.

The ride was a scene from "The Birds". Along most of the trail, I was harassed by red-winged blackbirds. They were scolding me for my presence. This was one of those days when I was not wearing a helmet and I could envisage a bird pecking at my bare head. Frequently I could hear the bird and see its shadow as it scolded and flew over my head. They were more noise than bite. However, it did make me pedal just a little harder.

A Celebration of Life... was held for my parents at the Morrison Lutheran cemetery -- a rural community south of Green Bay. Read my words of remembrance here.


America Interstate System -- 50th Anniversary... Fifty years on June 29th, Dwight D. Eisenhower signed legislation to begin the funding for the construction of interstate highways throughput the nation. As of 2002, there were 46,000 miles in the interstate system. The initial reasons for the interstate highway system were for personal safety, general prosperity and the national security of the American people. No doubt, the economy was the biggest beneficiary. People still die at the rate of 40,000 per year on the nation's highways. Of course, there are a lot more miles driven today than 50 years ago.

Before retirement and time was at a premium, I used the freeways to get most places. Today my choice is to travel secondary roads. However, there are times when the only choice is the freeway.

For me, driving freeways is too stressful. Everyone -- including the trucker -- travels at speeds about five to ten miles over the stated speed limit. That means most are traveling 70 to 75 miles an hour -- and faster. When I am towing the trailer, I can not go that fast. So at my preferable and most fuel efficient speed of 55 miles per hour, I appear to be standing still. Just watching the traffic, driving defensively and staying alert to the "loonies" keeps me from enjoying the journey.

Give me the back roads. When I drive secondary roads, I actually am aware of the landscape that I am passing through. Whether that landscape is urban or rural America I enjoy the view and many times it evokes nostalgia for the life of my childhood.

Cinnamon rolls are the major reason for traveling the back roads. The bakeries are not at the freeway exits.

Search for Cinnamon Rolls...

Stadium Bakery in Green Bay makes a five star cinnamon roll pictured here. It seems that since I started to rave about them on my web site over these past years, they have become quite popular. One day I arrived at ten and they were all gone. Another day, I had the last one at ten. Is it possible that my cinnamon roll reviews are more popular than I realize. Yeah! Sure!

Recent Book read...  

The Mojave by David Darlington. The author finds the desert to be a magical place and full of life and beauty. Covering an area of southern California from east Los Angeles suburbs to Las Vegas, this desert now suffers human abuses including home building, ranching, four wheeling and nuclear waste. With interviews and research, the book relates the desert perspective from those who would preserve it to those who treat it as a dump or a playground.

The book is an unsettling account of how we continue to foul our world -- in this case the Mojave Desert -- in which we live and destroy the beauty that nature has taken millennia to create.

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