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Dateline: July 15, 2006 -- Duluth, MN

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Bike Ride ... Starting at Voyageur Park in DePere, I rode the Fox River Trail to Green Bay. The trail passes what was at one time the depot for the Milwaukee Road Railway. As a small child in 1948, my aunt Lyla arrived here via the train from Washington state for my grandmother's funeral. For me it was a frighteningly huge black and noisy locomotive that pulled into the station that day.

One of several painted frogs found along the bike path in Green Bay.

At the Green Bay end of the Fox River Trail, boats at the Marina near the Main Street bridge sported some clever names. "No Stress II" must be causing some stress. It is the second of the series and soon to be followed by a third -- or maybe not -- because it was too stressful.


Some random photos to share:


Summer band concerts... are held every week in many Green Bay area towns and villages. This photo was taken at an all Sousa concert held at St. James park in Green Bay. A small contingent of the regular concert goers each week included myself along with Carol and Russ and Joyce and George.

To celebrate this small group's faithful attendance, one Friday evening we went out for one of those many Wisconsin fish fries. During that evening, we remembered our childhood and growing up in the village of Morrison.

When I hitch up to leave the Green Bay area, I will have social withdrawal. However, as I head down the road, I realize that there are lots of people out there whom I haven't yet met and will soon be great friends. That is the great part about living a nomadic existence and meeting up with the RVing community.

Duluth, Minnesota Exploring.... In spite of my best intentions, I found a bakery. No cinnamon roll, but the scone was good. With the scone and a cup of tea, I sat outside and watched people. At this traffic intersection, the message was always "DONT WALK" if no one pressed the "walk button". Three people arrived and stopped at the curb waiting to cross. They looked across the street waiting for the message to say "WALK". I noted that they stood there as the traffic direction changed three -- perhaps four -- times. They didn't stir to press the "walk button". As if they were aliens to this strange land, they continued to stare across the street. Sitting behind them and too noisy to get their attention, I walked over, pressed the "walk button" and returned to my tea. The lights cycled and "WALK" lit. They proceeded to walk across the street. Really strange!

With some calories in my stomach, it was time to go for a walk. Just off downtown Duluth is a long spit of land jutting into Lake Superior. At the end is a two to three mile long nature trail. The trail passes poison ivy, raspberry bushes and a few wild flowers. Avoiding the poison ivy I enjoyed the raspberries -- and the hike to give this out of shape body some much needed exercise.

On the return, I walked along the hard sand of the beach. This kite flyer was practicing control of the kite. When I asked why he didn't ride a board on the water, he said he was practicing for winter when he would use the kite to propel him across frozen lakes on a snow board.

The angles, straight lines and the background clouds make for an interesting picture. No other reason.

What will they think of next? Remote controlled locomotives.

This sign didn't stop the half dozen fishermen from trying to catch something. The seventy mile Munger Trail is a paved bicycle trail that begins in West Duluth and heads southwest. Stopping somewhat short of the 70 miles, I harvested some raspberries along the way and enjoyed the occasional views as the trail climbed away from the St. Louis River.

This Frank Lloyd Wright designed service station was built in 1956 in nearby Cloquet. It is still in operation pumping gas and repairing cars.

Leif Erikson is the discoverer of the Americas in the year 1000. To commemorate that event, this statue was erected by the Duluth American Norwegian League in a park overlooking Lake Superior. Could it be that on October 12th, there is a Leif Erikson Day Parade.

In the same park is a formal rose garden. Here is one rose bloom that survived last night's rain without hurting its beauty.



From the blogs of Randy and Diana:

RVers Declaration of Independence by Randy Vining

We are not aimless drifters killing time ‘til time kills us. We are adventurers responding to the call of the wild, advancing confidently in the direction of our dreams. We are second-wave pioneers blazing trail to a new life style; perfecting the art of mobility, guiding our swift cozy wagons across mountains, desert and plains; settling briefly in the valleys of anywhere; letting night overtake us everywhere at home.

We are spiritual descendants of Kokopelli, Marco Polo, Johnny Appleseed, enjoying the land but owning it not! We have learned that journey is more important than destination. We lose ourselves in far-flung places, like Invermere, because it is a good way to find ourselves.

We’re the sprouting seed of a brand new breed,
Living simple, light and lean.
Living happy and free as wild Cherokee
In cozy little living machines;

A life that’s bold with oneself in control
And clusters of friends in affection;
Reinventing the tribe and helping revive
Our long lost natural connection.

Choosing sunlight’s glow over ice and snow,
Acceptance over sorrow,
Adventurous game over riches and fame
And today over "iffy" tomorrow.

We prove the truth of Tolkien’s words:
Not all who wander are lost.

Vanity plates:

Wisconsin residents have many to choose from.

Here are some with comments -- and my interpretation which may be incorrect.

IH8TBY -- I hate to buy. Noted on a small Ford model. A leased car?

SCOBDO -- A fan of the cartoon figure?

MUNE 4 U -- Driven by a philanthropist?

XBLDR -- One time carpenter?

EI EI YO -- Mr. McDonald's car?

BKY BJR -- A fan of University of Wisconsin's Bucky Badger

BUMPER -- on the bumper of a PT Cruiser

UNLKEE -- You an alkee?

TOO ABLE -- High on one's abilities?


A bumper sticker: "Be a smart ass: Vote Democrat"

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