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Dateline: August 27, 2006 -- Stanley, ID

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Butte, Montana...
and its history is told on this sign.

This is the large open pit mine where copper ore continues to be extracted. In the course of the past 100 years, two entire miners' villages were relocated to expand this open pit mine.

Butte's downtown historic district... provided great photos. Note that the Creamery Cafe has booths for ladies.

Some architectural details found in Butte's historic district:


Phillipsburg, MT... is the home for this soda fountain from the past. Right across the street is The Sweet Palace. This candy store boasts over 800 different candies including taffies, fudge, jelly beans, hand dipped chocolates, etc. Some dark chocolate creams found there way into my possession upon leaving the store.


Some photos to share:

Road acquaintance visit...Linda and Earl Hylton were on their way to South Dakota for a driver's license renewal when they honored me by stopping to visit at the Fairmont RV park (PA park near Anaconda). During our social hour, we chatted and exchanged stories of past travels and future plans. I provided the fire and they provided the pork. We ate well followed by chocolates from The Sweet Palace.

The Idaho scenery is hidden behind a veil of smoke from all the forest fires burning in the state.

Two days of light rain cleared the skies and the dampness slowed or doused many of the fires. This journey along the Salmon River in Idaho proved there really was scenery in Idaho.

North of Stanley, Idaho in the Sawtooths, I met up with the SKP Boondockers where this clouded sunset provided this photo.


Cinnamon Rolls...

Wind's Pastry and Bakery in Anaconda, MT makes a great cinnamon roll -- with raisins. Before hitching up and hitting the road this morning, I made a special trip to Anaconda just for a cinnamon roll. Yes. I used diesel fuel calories to get the roll. It was delicious. After four days in the area, it was only yesterday when I saw the bakery while on a bus tour of Anaconda.

After that "cinnamon-less" roll at Baker Bob's in Great Falls I was ready to give up the search for cinnamon rolls. Fortunately I didn't. When in Helena, there were several bakeries to choose from. I didn't go to all of them. I did go to the Park Avenue Bakery. There I bought the cinnamon roll (very expensive at two dollars) and took it with me to enjoy when I hiked to the top of Mount Helena. A good roll. It tasted better at the top of a mountain enjoying the view.

Butte was the next stop for exploring. There were only two bakeries listed in Yahoo's Yellow Pages. Of the two, I located the Town Talk Bakery. That was a great cinnamon roll. And it had raisins. Even better. Ate the whole thing. The price was very reasonable at 50 cents. On one of my stops at a Wal-Mart Supercenter, I noted their cinnamon biscuits. It seems to me that is what they called them. Even though there was lots of cinnamon to contrast to the biscuit flavor and texture, I enjoyed the treat. It is worth a repeat visit.

Cinnamon in a pill... Perhaps there is a reason that I like (crave) cinnamon. When I Googled the internet for cinnamon, I found about its health giving properties. Among the many claims for the health properties of cinnamon, it will curb type 2 diabetes, heart disease and improves thinking. However, you don't have to eat rolls to get your cinnamon. Just buy one of the bottles of 500 mg cinnamon tablets I saw at Wal-Mart. Personally, I would rather have the cinnamon roll.

Business world oddities:

What product might they be selling. Found in Williston, North Dakota.

Buy your last meal here.


Found in Butte, MT: "Hock It To Me" on a pawn shop.

Vanity Plates:

QUKSLVR -- very clever for this Mercury

PADEWGN -- on a van for kids who think home is jail

WING FAN -- a birder?

RBRDUCK -- bright yellow on a small car

HELP UC -- window cleaning business

IM OK RU and OK42DAY are parked next to each other
DBLREED -- plays the oboe?

Bumper stickers:

"If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you."

"God is my pilot. I am only the co-pilot." As I followed this car, it appeared the pilot was distracted. It was time for the co-pilot to take over.

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