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Dateline: October 3, 2006 -- Bishop, CA

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Fall Colors...  Lake Sabrina and other nearby lakes are up a canyon out of Bishop, CA. This is where I captured these photos:



Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest... Some of these living trees are over 4000 years old. One has been dated to 4700 years of age. Walking though these old trees makes me realize how insignificant I am in the history of the earth and nature. When I was hiking in Yosemite and later on at Mosquito Flats, I thought I had seen Bristlecone. However, those trees were Fox Pines. These are the real thing. (Rather than the usual blue skies of late, I went to the park on a day with heavy clouds. Hence the grayish cast to the photos.)


A few more photos...

Field trip... The fall colors is time for the photography field trip. This is one class found at Lake Sabrina.


ign of the times... The drive to Bristlecone starts at 4000 feet and climbs to 10,000 feet through narrow canyons and through lots of hills. Finally, with an unobstructed view of the valley below, this sign was inevitable.

Friendly ...
goes only so far.


A rose for you.



Vanity Plates...

MNT4WHT -- Not sure what this is. Mount for white? Perhaps something to do with Mount Whitney.

MUGWORT -- Why make this a vanity plate? Googled to find that it is a plant species with herbal usage. Found this also: "If you do use it as a smudge, remember that its smoke smells more like Marijuana than most other plants."

DRY ST8 -- Nevada plates

WEHIKIN -- When I saw the occupants of the vehicle, I decided that it was a goal not an activity. However, later I did see them about two miles from the vehicle. Perhaps it is an activity.

ONSBTCL -- on a large RV. I have no idea. Ones be tickle? Owns be to cell? [10/05/06 -- "on sabbatical" according to John, an ex-professor ]

Business name... Tangles Salon -- a hair salon in Bishop, CA

Cinnamon Rolls... This famous bakery in Eastern Sierra country has one location in Mammoth Lakes and another in Bishop (California),

The Bishop location is right on Highway 395 and has the greater stock with numerous varieties and racks of breads along with pastries, chocolates and gelato ice cream. On Sunday's with the weekend crowds heading back to southern California, the bakery is packed. Customers are leaving with shopping bags full of breads.

On my first stop to the bakery, there were two choices for cinnamon rolls. One is the traditional looking cinnamon roll. Unfortunately, it is loaded with nuts. The other is "San Francisco style" -- whatever that is. It is about two inches high and four inches across. With very little sugar glaze and loaded with raisins, I found this one to be outstanding. Since I have been parked near Bishop for over a week, I have found many opportunities to head to Bishop to have another roll.

If only I had the same sort of addiction to exercise -- or a hike...

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