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Dateline: October 10, 2006 -- Lone Pine, CA

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Campground Report... Tuttle Creek is located just west of Lone Pine in the shadow of Mount Whitney and several other mountains reaching over 13,000 feet into the air. Park at this BLM campground with only pit toilets for $5.00 (1/2 price for GAP) a night and enjoy this remote location's scenery. The background scenery includes Mt. Whitney's companion peaks.

Wandrin Wagon at Tuttle Creek, a sunrise and a sunset....


Manzanar National Historic Site... is a reminder that democracy is not for all US citizens. The memorial in the photo stands in the camp's  cemetery. Without due process, a 1942 Presidential Executive Order sent anyone of Japanese ancestry to "Military Areas". These "relocated" US citizens were deprived of their homes and were sent to one of ten camps created across the country. The history lesson is that we should not be so sure that it cannot happen today to some "minority" group of American citizens.

Lone Pine Film Festival... is held each October in Lone Pine. The nearby natural scenery has provided the backdrop and the stage for hundreds of movies beginning in 1920. Many of those movies were westerns. However, there were times that the settings were "stand ins" for India or a Middle Eastern location. Many western television shows were also filmed in these scenic surroundings.

During the film festival, tours are available to see the "movie sets" or you can drive yourself through the nearby hills and see something like this. A photo scene from a film is on a post set in front of the scenery in the film.

More western scenery suitable for movie sets -- including cowboys.


The parade is held the last day of the festival where "wanabes" dress up as cowboys or their heroes from the western movie genre and parade down the street. The parade includes several actors and actresses who had roles in the movies that were filmed around Lone Pine.

Roy Rogers, Palladin and others on a wagon were followed by a walking Hopalong Cassidy and Zorro.


Vanity Plates...

BSHWHKR -- on a Jeep that goes off road

3DLOVRS -- in Lone Pine's movie museum parking lot

Recent Reads...

The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz. As a Polish soldier in 1939 as Russia and Germany overran Poland, the author was arrested by the Russians as a spy. After several show trials and brutal treatment in Soviet jails, he was sentenced to 25 years in Siberia. Escaping in early 1941, four of the original escapees from the labor camp arrived a year later in India -- and freedom. The story relates the 3000 miles of walking through snow, the Gobi desert and mountains. The story includes no water in the desert and the continual starvation that had plagued them for most of their journey.

This well written book is hard to put down. It is a story of focus and perseverance against all odds. Only the strong and committed will survive that trek.

Off Season by Ken McAlpine. The author follows the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Maine in the off season. This is a well written story of his quest to learn about the coastal tourist town residents and what their lives were like in the off season. Along the way, the author kayaks the coastal waters for exercise including some "paddles" when he is along the New England coast in January. Cold. That is all I could feel as I read those parts of his book.

The Way to The Western Sea written by David Lavender. This adventure travel book describes venturing into unknown territory across foreign borders and meeting and fighting savages that have never seen a white man before. The author tells the riveting story of the Lewis and Clark exploring the newly acquired Louisiana Territories. The author is a great story teller. The reader feels the pain and struggles of the journey along the Missouri and Columbia Rivers to the Oregon Coast and back to St. Louis.

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