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Dateline: October 18, 2006 -- Yucca Valley, CA

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Trona Pinnacles... about 25 miles east of Ridgecrest are rather eerie formations which have been used as scenery for several space genre movies. These formations were formed 10,000-100,000 years ago in a lake bed as mineral springs rose through the salt lake that was here at one time. The minerals formed into the formations seen today.



Historic Route 66...
just north of Victorville has seen much better days. Following the route north for about 20 miles, many once thriving businesses are being reclaimed by the natural elements. Built of stone, this one time service station will survive longer.


The seemingly ever present dust along the road formed a gentle layer on the "bottle trees" found on this section of old Route 66. No doubt a little rain would have brightened up this folk art of glass bottles hung on steel posts.



On one of my maps, near Helendale there was a reference to the Exotic World Burlesque Hall of Fame. Too good to pass up and with little info on the internet, I headed to its location. With no information about hours of operation, all I could get was to the main gate. About a 1/4 of a mile down a dirt lane were several buildings and a few trees. With dust covering much of this part of the world, I had visions of what might be in the museum.

Wondering... Is there any relationship to low prices of fuel and the fact that there is an election in the next couple of weeks? I guess we will know if the prices start rising shortly after the election.

Why is the DOW at an all time high just before an election? An indicator that represents thirty stock companies is supposed to represent the health of the economy. Give me a break!

Vanity Plates...

DIDITN1 -- No doubt a golfer

EL TRKO -- crew cab with and eight foot bed

GEOCHIC -- the lady was a geologist which confirmed my hunch

Recent Reads...

Breaking Clean by Judy Blunt. This is memoir of a woman growing up on a Montana ranch followed by marriage with children to a rancher. As long as there was a chauvinist man around, she could never be accepted for her ranching labors -- let alone taking a management role in the ranch. Being a woman she did the ranch jobs, but was also expected to do the domestic chores of the ranch house. That was the way it was for generations of all ranch women. She rebelled against that constraint and escaped that life to Missoula where she looks back and writes a story of ranch life for men and women. Told well with humor and insight, it is easy an read.

Saving General Washington by J.R. Norton. With a subtitle of The Right Wing Assault on America's Founding Principles, I found this to be a most frustrating read about the "current King George", the neo-cons, the religious right and King George's corporate buddies. There were times that I had to put the book down to pick up a book of some lighter reading.

Since I have no faith in the thinking abilities of most American voters in these upcoming elections, the new Federal legislature will look like the old one. In that way the Senate and the Congress can continue to rubber stamp everything the dictator proposes. With everything done in secret and a legislative branch approving every move, this sounds like Russia with Puten or many other pseudo democracies around the world. Some of what is going on at the Federal level is beginning to look like the formation of a theocracy. Remember that Iran is a theocracy.

If there are no changes at the Federal level to balance the legislative makeup at this election, the voters will get just what they want -- more of the same.

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