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Dateline: November 9, 2006 -- Desert Hot Springs, CA
[Edited November 19, 2006: Original publication was photos. Words have been added.]

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Photos from Palm Springs....

Cute and clever business names:


Spotted lots of old cars like this Caddy.



Lots of palm trees, green lawns and colorful gardens were not unusual. With lots of disposable income and the availability of low priced labor, the Palm Springs area is picture perfect.


There are many hundreds of wind mills at the west end of the Coachella Valley where there is almost constant wind. Considering the obvious investment in the structures, I wonder how many years before there is a payback. No doubt this investment is subsidized with tax breaks.



With date being edible or a personal meeting, this sign could be read any number of ways.



Indian Canyon Hike...


The water for this canyon is from natural springs. Follow the palm trees groves up the several canyons to the water's source. These oases provide a cooling micro climate when leaving the more arid surrounding hills.





Back lighting of this palm frond provided this artistic and colorful photo.




These hummingbirds stopped momentarily so I could get a photo.



Hike at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve...



Along the "wandering" path I found...


...arid sections with the Jimson .... and swampy areas with reeds


Photos from The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens...

This attraction in the Palm Springs area includes a wide variety of interest.


The outdoor "G" scale train display is huge with full length trains. The display includes smaller arrangements like this engine and a single car.


With a zoo and butterfly display, this local attraction provides the "educational" school trips. There were a couple of buses in the parking lot when I arrived. As I walked through the park, I passed several of the school groups. Two comments overheard were "I'm tired of walking" (said to the teacher) and "He's such a dork" (couldn't determine the "he"). As I hear these comments, I wonder if teachers actually look forward to field trips.

When I arrived at the butterfly pavilion, the butterflies were a drab comparison to the Red Hat Ladies taking pictures and hoping for a momentary stop of a butterfly. Capturing a butterfly requires lots of photos. This is one.


The largest part of the park appears to be dedicated to representing the varying desert locales and flora of the southwest US and northern Mexico. I wasn't happy with my desert photos, so the morning glory is the consolation prize -- also taken within this "living desert".


The park's zoo portion represented fauna from the southwest including wolf, coyote, mountain lion, javelina, etc. The mountain sheep enclosure was a rocky hill side so the sheep could demonstrate their skill traversing the steep slopes. There didn't appear to be a green thing within the enclosure for the sheep to eat. Perhaps they had their own dining area so the visitors could not see that they actually dined on baled hay.

"Hey sweetie. Show down."... Taking animal photos requires lots of patience. While I was taking (many) photos, this ram followed this female up and down the slopes. It appeared that this male had something on his mind. Apparently, there was a difference in goals; the female kept just a few rocks ahead of the old boy.

Vanity Plates...

2FLAUNT -- on a large SUV

PLENNT -- accent on the "N" for this Mercedes

KIDS TV -- ...room? on a Cadillac Escalade

Can't figure these out... HEAJIN    DADUFFS    TOBALAH 

I also have nothing clever to say about them.

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