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Dateline: November 29, 2006 -- San Diego, CA

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the clarity is much poorer than the original photo.]

Photos from Balboa Park's Gardens....

When reviewing photos of the roses, I noted that I had caught a bee in flight preparing to land on the rose. The second photo is an enlargement of that area of the photo.


Found other bees while taking photos.



With so many rose photos to choose from, here is a collage of several.




Water fountain on the Plaza at Balboa Park




A hawk in flight near Point Loma at the Cabrillo Monument



Could this be a monument to the futility of war...Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Point Loma is where veterans have been buried beginning after the Spanish American War. Veterans from wars over the past 100 years continue to be buried here.


Vanity plates...

FPUCPA -- Financial Planner [und?] Certified Public Accountant

4GRMPE -- For Grumpy?

4X5BOYS -- On a Hummer. Twenty boys? For five large boys?

CLRCTCH -- On some fancy new car. The story is that the lady found the guy and he bought the car for her. She decided that it needed a vanity plate and this was the result. Okay. So I made that up.

QTCAKES -- guy driving the car! Some things you just don't want to know.

Nothing to clever to say or have no idea what it is:  "SHGA PIE"    "CHEF8IT"    "SMRPLC"     "SCURVY1"

On a bumper sticker: "How's my driving? www.asleepatthewheel.com." The URL is for the western band.

Recent Reads...

Founding Brothers... by Joseph J. Ellis. This is a series of events written as short stories to shed surprising insights into the individual beliefs and the relationships between many of the country's major and minor founding figures.

Well written and researched, this is a definite supplement to other historical books of the period.

In Search of Robinson Crusoe... by Tim Severin. The author attempts to determine whether there really was a Robinson Crusoe. In his search of literature, he finds that there is good evidence to believe that Daniel Defoe based his fiction on real people. Field research requires Severin to camping and touring the isolated islands and locating the descendent tribes recorded in the historical records of the castaways.

This is a page turning read of a melding of history and adventure travel.

Family...  by Ian Frazier. While examining the material that was saved by his parents, he writes, "I wanted my parents' lives to have meant something." With further research and other first person material, Frazier writes a history of his ancestors and their lives.

Much of the book is a great genealogical record for his family and kin. For the rest of us there are thoughts and essays from the author that relate the lives of a century ago to the world of today.

This was not an easy read since my interest was never seriously aroused except for the fact that the author's ancestors were so different from my own. Frazier's ancestors were upper middle class professionals in urban Ohio cities. By comparison, the preceding four generations of all my ancestors were farmers in the township of Morrison, Brown County, Wisconsin.

Fresh Air Fiend... by Paul Theroux. This is a collection of articles, essays and book reviews. He writes about his early days as a Peace Corp worker, his world wide travels and reviews of other travel writers. (That put more on the books to read list.) When I had read some Theroux's previous travel books, I was put off by his rather crude and sometimes arrogant reactions. I have resolved to allow those opinions and his point of view. (Note to self: put Paul Theroux on reading list).

The writing is fascinating including vivid descriptions of the people and the cultural world he travels. He describes a world of travel that is not on the travel brochure or the travel destination. His writing is great because he takes the reader on his travel journey with the all the excitement and wonderment of the world he explores.

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