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Dateline: December 10, 2006 -- San Diego, CA

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A photo tour...


Hotel St. James in downtown San Diego is now the Ramada. It is fascinating to realize that this sign has survived renovations. Probably a historical building.



Stack of Poinsettias
 at Seaport Village
Palm Trees
Downtown San Diego
Palm Trees
Otay Ranch Shopping

Walking the Surf Kite Boarder Surfer

Boy Checking the
Rocks at Sunset
Surfer at Sunset

Statue with a
BO problem
Santa and an elf --
Some things I'd rather
not know!

Vanity Plates...

AKAFLPR -- interesting alias

SAILN2 -- seems inappropriate on a car; especially a Mustang

PALAU -- a small matrilineal island nation in the Pacific; the plate was on a kite boarder's truck with two occupants. The male was driving.

LUVR H3 -- on a Hummer. Surprise! An observation: Does it seem like the Hummers and Jeep Cherokees are beginning to look alike.

Recent Reads...

I Hope You Have A Good Life... by Campbell Armstrong. Armstrong as the author of fiction tells this great story of real life. With several subplots, the main story is of his former wife. She gave up a baby to adoption and forty years later she meets that daughter as both are battling cancer. As his former wife dies from the disease she asks Armstrong to tell the story.

Fighting his own disease of alcoholism no doubt this was a difficult book for the author as he retells the story of love, betrayal and forgiveness. It makes me realize that life is short.

The Beast In The Garden... by David Baron. This book caught my attention since it is the story of mountain lions in Boulder. In just a few years from frequent sightings in 1988 to the death of a jogger in 1991, the mountain lions had adapted to living with people. Since I was living there at height of the lion activity, the stories would frequently make for unpleasant hikes as I feared a mountain lion stalking me on the trails around Boulder. The book confirms that my fears may have had some basis in reality. However, it did not stop me from hiking since I realized that I had a better chance of being struck my lightening than attacked by a mountain lion.

A good read that addresses much of our relationship with the world we try to keep "natural." The final message is that we can live with mountain lions. But we must keep them wild.

A tangent... I have a problem with petting zoos. Due to their popularity, no person need fear any animal since little children can walk right up to these animals and pet them and have grandma take a picture. The problem becomes when the child -- or adult -- goes into the real world and they come upon a wild animal. They approach the animal as if it was the petting zoo. There are times when these encounters ended tragically or certainly with serious injury.

Stop the petting zoos. Let's keep wild animals -- wild.

Out West -- An American Journey... By Dayton Duncan. Duncan retraces the Lewis and Clark trail in the mid 1980s -- long before it became the thing to do at the 200th anniversary. With quotes from the journals of the explorers and history lessons the book provides a very succinct review of the areas Duncan visits. Along the way the small towns and the people he meets end up in his story. It is people that make a story all the more interesting and compelling.

Since I had followed parts of the Lewis and Clark during the summer of 2006, the book refreshed my memories and my own impressions.

Anyone planning to follow the Lewis and Clark trail would not go wrong using this book as a guide for the journey.

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