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Dateline: December 27, 2006 -- San Diego, CA

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The botanic building at Balboa Park provides a great tropical collection of plants and for the holidays is decorated with Poinsettias.



The San Diego Zoo is a great place for people watching. It is also a great place to see Pandas and Koalas. Since Koalas sleep up to 23 hours a day and eat for one hour, it is rare to see any activity. It was easier to catch this panda dining on bamboo. Usually the line to see the Panda exhibit is about 50 to 75 people long. On my visit there was no line. That was a great experience. There was no rush through.

On a walk and tour of Coronado's downtown, I came across Elvis planning to milk a cow. A few blocks away at a bike shop was a bamboo bicycle. Perhaps that would make it recyclable. (Was that a pun!)



The Silver Strand State Park is a great place for the kite boarders. This is where I caught some of them in action.

This is the sport that Vanita (daughter) and Gabe (her friend) pursue. Since I have been unable to get some photos of them in action, I will have to settle for a photo of a stranger.


I met Brian Meyers a couple of years ago as I passed through South Carolina. Whenever our paths cross, we explore together for a few days before heading off in separate directions. Brian will be heading down the Baja after New Years.

When Brian and I were headed to the beaches at La Jolla, we drove through Pacific Beach where Brian noticed an unusual RV on a side street. After turning around, we parked in the street where I could get a photo of El Toro Rojo Grande -- complete with tail and horns.

Soon we met Glen Horn and found out his story. Glen built this RV for his eight month long stays on the Baja in Mexico. As a life long surfer, Glen can pursue his passion on the Baja. Since Brian is headed to the Baja, Glen and he exchanged some ideas of places to park.

To learn more, a search of the internet produced an article about Glen dated 2004.

Another day, Brian and I toured the USS Midway -- an aircraft carrier.

It is a fascinating tour (audio headset describes narration) of the ship from the boiler rooms and up the levels to the bridge where we were able to see the USS Ronald Reagan (atomic powered vs. diesel powered USS Midway) across the water. On the deck of the USS Midway are several examples of the planes and helicopters that used this floating island.

Other Photos...

In the past month I have started to post photos at my Flickr Account

Vanity Plates...

RHINO TK -- "Big foot" truck: eight foot bed, crew cab, body lift on oversized tires

HAIR DSR -- Hair dresser or a hair critique as in "Hair Disser"

LUV SAND -- No doubt this large SUV heads to the desert with an ATV

IMA NRD -- and proud of it

Recent Reads...

Great Exploration Hoaxes... by David Roberts. Over the past centuries, there have many firsts in explorations such as the North or South Pole. Based upon first hand accounts, published records of the times and other sources, the author retells the stories of the men who pursued those goals of being first and many times were proved to be hoaxes. Each individual story is a well told adventure keeping the readers interest.

With the firsts that have been exposed as hoaxes, in the final chapter, the author wonders how many hoaxers went to their grave without the world being the wiser.

Under The Tuscan Sun... by Frances Mayes. This book is not really an adventure book, but a discovery of a new place in the author's life. Buying an old stone structure in Italy and turning it into a home is the theme of the book. The descriptions of the world and the process of remodeling are told in detail.

There were times that the book bogged down with recipes and the details of shopping for food or other such necessities. To me people stories make an interesting book. Several people were met and mentioned and described, but I wanted to know more about their lives.

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