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Dateline: January 25, 2007 -- Yuma, AZ

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Arrival in Yuma... was early January. When I looked back at my exploring, I realized I had done almost none. With that problem, here is some leftover material from my days in San Diego including some material that has been posted on my blog or my Flickr Photo pages.


Here is one of my favorites from my stay in San Diego area: a surfer at sunset at La Jolla Cove.



At the Chula Vista RV park, many RVers decorate their rigs for Christmas. If they don't have enough, they head to Wal-Mart for more to complement their displays. Over the weekend, prizes are awarded by the park for best decorations in various categories.



Since Vanita and Gabe are into using kites to propel them on a board of one type or another, I was at the beach to photo some of their experience. This was a day of land boarding where a "skate board" provides the board. Gabe shows his land board prowess in this photo.


The front of the Christmas Train to Tecate is decorated with stuffed toys. During my stay at the Chula Vista RV park, I -- along with many others -- helped pack gift packages for the tots of Tecate in Mexico. The following weekend, I joined them aboard the train from Campo, California to deliver the gifts to the town of Tecate.


Vanita, Gabe and their friends went to the Imperial Sand Dunes where I met them to take photos and ride a dune buggy. The ride sure beats a carnival ride. However, grit in your teeth lasts for a couple of hours and it took two showers to get all the sand out of the little hair that I have.


For more photos, head to my Flickr pages -- URL in the left column.

Vanity Plates...

BYETENT -- on a large RV

ST82ST8 -- describes a life style on an RV

BABYMKR -- on large van. Couldn't see the passengers.

GDIVER1 -- Old TV show? Godiva chocolate? Probably a scuba diver.

3GMEN+1 -- older SUV is a commute vehicle to government jobs?

DER ZEHN -- German for "the ten". Didn't identify the vehicle.

RVPSHER -- is towed by an RV

PSASTEW -- on blue background plates. The last PSA flight was in 1988.

Others without comment: "UL2MIT"  "DOC2BE"  "LASERRN"

Recent Reads...

Looking For A Ship... by John McPhee. In this easily read travel book, the author travels aboard a Merchant Marine vessel and explains world wide ocean shipping over the centuries to the present. The business and the workings of aboard ship are told from the point of view of many of those employed as members of an ever smaller Merchant Marine. That history includes modern day pirates and how they meet that threat.

The book seems to be a bit disjointed at times, but it is an informative book about the decline of the American Merchant Marine.

Great Plains... by Ian Frazier. Originally written in the 1980s with a copyright date of 1989, I found this a fascinating read about my favorite place -- the West. In this book the author focuses on the arid area east of the Rocky Mountains. Frazier relates his modern experience in the terms of history of the land from the Indians up through his travels.

Since I am a pushover for anything Western US, this book provided a review of places that I had visited and provided a list of places to visit on my nomadic travels in the future.

The World - Life and Travel 1950-2000 by Jan Morris. This is a collection of articles and essays written in the past 50 years. With articles from New York City to Baghdad to Everest, the author presents a first hand account of experience and impressions of cities, events and cultures.

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