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Once I had made the decision and started to tell other people of my decision, the questions started to come. These are some of the frequently asked questions:

Write about this retirement thing

The decision to retire has been in my thoughts for some time. But it was this last summer when I was in Alaska that I decided that the time had come. I set the date of retirement to be July of 2001 -- or earlier. It was time to start enjoying the monies that I had earned over these many years.

I could never retire. I knew that years ago. Retirement implies not doing anything. I had noticed over the years that those people who "retired to" rather than "retired from" were happier. A friend called this process "pro-tirement". I am not sure what it implied, but I like it. I am moving on into the next phase of my life. Some days I call it my new career.

So what are you going to do when you retire?

I am going to buy a truck and pull a fifth wheel trailer. I am then going to travel and see North America.

How long are you going to do this?

Until I get bored with it or I am physically unable to do it any longer. I hope that I will recognize the latter.

Are you going to keep your house?

No. This is a good time to sell; the market is good. I am not into being a landlord. I've done that and I have no interest in doing it again. If I ever want to buy a house again, it will not be in Denver anyway. I have never really taken full advantage of living in Denver. The reason I bought the house originally was that it would provide a central location to commute to any job I may have in the Denver area and suburbs. I could always commute against the traffic.

Won't you get bored?

I suppose there will be those times just like I have them now. Rather than going to a job five days a week and working eight hours a day, I will be vacationing five days a week and eight hours a day.

In past vacations, I have found that I need a break from vacationing. On extended vacations I always plan for taking a day off now and then where I just sit and there is nothing planned. This allows for the flexibility to take advantage of something that may not have been on the original plan.

Won't you want to work again?

If I do, it will be at a National Park or some other place that has need for seasonal help.

If I want something of a more traditional nature there are Internet sites that address the needs for that as well. One of those that I found is the Workamper News. So if I have that great desire to earn a little money along the way, that possibility exists. Another site is Workers On Wheels. In addition to the working part, it is a great site for other information regarding the full time RVers life style

Won't you get lonely?

Perhaps. But the full time RVers represent a sub-culture of persons sharing a common love of the life style and what it offers. Since I will be staying at RV parks, I will meet a lot of those people and no doubt I will make new relationships. There are clubs that are designed for the full time RVer. One of those groups that is designed for the full timer is Escapees. There is an affiliated group within Escapees that also addresses the needs of the solo RVer.

There are lots of books available which describe the life style and provide helpful advice in addressing many of the issues addressing the full timer. Here are a few of the books that I found useful:

  • The RVers Bible - Kim Baker and Sunny Baker
  • Take Back Your Life - Stephanie Berhagen
  • Complete Guide to Full-Time RVing - Bill and Jan Moeller