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Solo Full Timing 

Solo traveling....  Fortunately, we are all different people.  It's a good thing that we are not all full timers -- or solo travelers.  Diversity is great.  

Perhaps my personality has always been pretty much a loner.  That may be congenital, but more likely it was the way I grew up.  On the farm with no neighbors with young children, I went on my own journeys.  Remember this was before TV.  I would go off to the nearby forests or rivers and would explore the natural world.  

Once I had the freedom of a car in my late teen years, I found that I wanted to do something different than the crowd once in awhile -- not the same old things every weekend.  So I started going my own way.  In college, my social life was minimal since I worked my way through college.  That probably was a good start in feeling good about being a loner.

Just so you don't misunderstand, I am not a misanthrope.  I had a twenty year marriage, a ten year relationship and lots of people interaction at my employment.  I have lived alone for almost fifteen years.  I have taken many solo vacations over the past ten years including seven weeks in Australia.  Bottom line...  it is easy for me.

Lonely times .... Sure.  There are times that I get lonely and long for some human interaction. ...  That happens after a few days of an especially busy social calendar.  Being lonely would happen even if I had retired to the bricks and mortar home in Denver and not living on the road full time.
Since I do not search out the single full timers, I don't find them.  I know they are out there.  They have organizations and maintain web sites and arrange caravan travel.  I have run into a few singles now and then -- usually older than me and most times had lost a spouse.  

Most full timers are couples, but I have found that they accept me easily and readily.  In my travels, I have gotten to know many couples and have hiked with them and enjoyed their company -- as much as I hope they enjoyed mine.

Filling the days....  I find the full timing to be a blast.  Each day is a new day.  I know that I will not be able to do everything there is to do -- and as a result, I don't even try.  

When I park in one place for several days, weeks or even two months, I have always found something to do.  When I am parked for an extended period, I plan ahead (unusual for me) so I have "one" thing to do every day.  That way there is always something to look forward to and it seems like I am really busy.  Those single items may be sight seeing, hiking, neighborhood walk, shopping day, a library visit or laundry.  I also schedule days where nothing is planned.  

When I was working, I had worked five days a week and took weekends off.  Need to follow the same habits in retirement -- take days off.  That is also due to my experience on extended vacations.  On any extended vacation, I had always planned "days off" every five to seven days.  I needed that to maintain my interest in the vacation.

Don't forget ... enjoying life is a matter of balance.