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Wandrin Wagon
Virtual Tour

This is the second Wandrin Wagon.  The first Wandrin Wagon was 28 feet with a slide.  After over two years of full timing, I was in a better position to know what I wanted in my "home on wheels".  This second New Horizons fifth wheel is 24 feet with no slide.  There will be no more after this one -- unless I win the lottery.  Perhaps I should buy a ticket once in a while.   

Both New Horizons fifth wheels were built by Horizons of Junction City, Kansas.  They build to order with no dealer net work.  My first Wandrin Wagon was a standard floor plan.  This second unit is designed for one person -- me.  

Why downsize?.... It allows for more options. There are many National Parks and National Forests that have length and width limitations. Then there are places that I would like to go, but I am reluctant due to the size of the rig.

When I reviewed my activities inside the rig, I realize that floor space is not essential. The half dozen times that I entertained others could not justify that floor space.  Outside of eating and sleeping in the rig, I read, do word puzzles of many types or sit in front of the computer writing or doing graphics of some kind. So in the end, I am dragging floor space around the country that I do not use.

Parameters for the design of the new rig: 

  • No outside awning (Rarely used it. Too many wind problems).
  • Reduce number of windows to absolute minimum (greatest place for heat loss or gain). 
  • Windows are double paned and tinted (Heat issue plus sound control). 
  • No window treatments other than mini-blinds instead of standard day-night shades (reduce maintenance and cleaning). 
  • Outside awnings for each window (Reduce sun heat). 
  • No carpeting (easier maintenance). 
  • Single kitchen sink instead of double (reduces foul odors). 
  • In addition to standard 12 volt outlets, one for the kitchen and one at the desk (For 300-400 watt inverters). 
  • No built in stereo (mini-shelf stereo will work fine). 
  • No microwave (Don't use it -- It's all about time and I have lots of that). 
  • No furnace (will use a ceramic heater). 
  • Fulltime solar package (includes inverter to provide the AC electricity I need). 
  • Outside faucet threaded for garden hose (Always a need for one and used for flushing the black water when no fitting available at dump). 
  • Roof mounted satellite dish (in case I ever get the urge to subscribe once again to satellite TV).
  • Other miscellaneous items.  

(click the pictures for the large version)

The best place to start a tour is from the outside.  The size of the new rig is quite evident with Silver Slug hooked up to Wandrin Wagon.  Silver Slug is 20 feet long and the outside length of Wandrin Wagon is 26 feet.  The total length when hooked together is about 42 feet.

The best place to start is with a floor plan of Wandrin Wagon.  At 24 feet inside length and with an open floor plan it is quite spacious.

It does not take long to tour a 24 foot home...

Entering from the outside the first view is to the left with a view of the street side rear corner.  The table is located at the oversized window for viewing sunsets and sunrises. 


Looking to your left is the cooking area with the refrigerator out of the picture to the left and the sink just visible to the right.



Walking to the cooking area and looking back is the view of the entertainment center.  Top shelf has the XM Satellite Radio Boombox.



Looking to the right from the rear with the foyer to the lift, the bedroom and desk area is visible straight ahead in the front of Wandrin Wagon.



The view to the rear shows the bed and the doors of the wardrobe.  To the left the stool is visible and just out of the picture to the left is the shower. 



This picture is taken standing in front of the shower for the view of the desk, the head of the bed and the sink to the right.


That is the end of the tour of Wandrin Wagon -- my home on wheels.