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Benefits Paper Straws Have

The market has glass, metal, bamboo, paper, and plastic straws. Other straws have been on the market, but the latest types of straws are the paper straws are they are using more than all the other straws. Advantages of using paper straws are discussed below.

Paper straws are eco-friendly because they decompose. Recycled paper is the natural fiber that is used to make paper straws. They may not be recycled, but they are renewable resources. Decomposing paper straws create manure for trees to grow healthy so that more paper is made. In this world of heavy pollution, everyone has a role to play to salvage the earth from excessive pollution of non-biodegradable materials. The future generation is counting on the current generation to create a better place for them to live in the future.

Paper straws are safe for human beings because they cause no harm to your health. FDA approved materials are used to make the paper straws. Glue and ink that is used is tested in the lab by qualified specialists of the FDA using advanced equipment that provides results of high accuracy. The straws are made without decorations by coloring agents or dyes that are harmful to human beings hence they are safe for use when you need to have cold or warm drinks. You expose your health to greater risks when you use straws that have harmful coloring agents or dyes because they will dissolve into the drinks and get inside your body.

Glass straws can break and expose you to dangers of seeping tinny glasses in the drink unknowingly. Metallic straws rust hence you can also be taking drinks that mix with the rust. Plastic straws are made of harmful chemicals that dissolve in warm drinks and gradually accumulate inside your body the more you sue the straws over the years.

They are cheaper than any other types of straw. They cannot be reused or recycled because they get damaged quickly. However, since they are the cheapest, there is no need for your restaurant or your party to have other types of straws because they are hygienic.

The designs of paper straws differ to meet different needs. Their lengths differ to fit in containers of different heights. Their shapes and colors vary to make them attractive. Drinks have different velocities hence it is easier to seep them from their packages when you use straws of the right thickness.

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